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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by justbeamensch, Feb 21, 2006.

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    I just purchased a new ibook 12" and it worked right out of the box with my linksys Broadband router that I used to use with my HP PC. Since then it's been connecting about half the time. I can connect with other routers next door but not always my own. Any tips, please?
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    any Large Metal Objects or "dirty" transmitters (cordless phone, microwave) between the iBook and the router? Do orientation or position make any difference?
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    Have you run software update??

    There was a problem earlier that would cause havic with airport in the newest rev iBooks. I had this problem and the aiprot update fixed it. The only thing i can remember was that the computer had to be maxed out with ram before the probelm occured.

    A way to get arounf this is to use a program called Xupport (find on versiontracker.com) and then enable the setting that fouls the computer into thinking that it has less ram then it does.
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    good luck getting it working sweetie. daddy says hi.
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    wireless woes

    Thanks for the advice. What's weird is the iBook's meter says I'm getting a full signal, but I get the "you are not connected to the internet" screen.
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    Usually when that happens (at least with PC's), the drivers are outdated or need to be reinstalled. I'd download airport software and re-install it.
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    I've found with my iBook that if I don't specify a router as a preferred network (in Network in System Preferences) it often tries to connect to another router in the area and gives the impression that it's dropping the signal often.
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    I've had this problem and I've found a simple re-start fixes it.

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