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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by job, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. job
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    Alright, assuming the Powerbooks do get their long overdue update, what will happen to the iBooks? Will they go to the G4? Or will we see a 1Ghz G3? Maybe a BTO graphics option, i.e. Radeon 9000M?

    Everyone seems so focused on the Powerbooks so I just wanted to hear comments about the 'other' Apple laptop.
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    I hope they keep an inexpensive low heat laptop like the ibook around. Not everyone can afford a powerbook.
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    they will keep the iBook around. perhaps there will be a cool case by new year and i can get one for my birthday after working for 99 percent of the money:p

    i want an iBook so much. 14.1 inch 1.1Ghz G3 wouold be cool. or a G4:D
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    Could Apple shoe horn the motherboard of the eMac into the iBook? That way there would be a clear definition of Apple's consumer/pro line-up:

    Pro Towers: G5
    Powerbooks: G4 (DDR)

    e/iMacs: G4(PC133)
    iBooks: G4 (PC133)

    The only odd model in the lineup is the iMac with DDR SDRAM. Pro-sumer, or just an expensive excess model?
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    I don't think that we see iBook updates before november. They will have the IBM G3 + Altivec chip at 1Ghz inside.

    Maybe a new case.

    But before that Apple should really get the current iMac up-to-date. I really worry about that much more then the current notebook offering.
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    the iMac will go G5 because i see it as prosumer. the eMac is the ultimate consumer product. iBooks consumer. powerbooks/macs obviously pro. they wouldn't be stupid to release a prosumer laptop because it is kinda missing. some people need more power in a portable than the iBook, but either don't need the power of the powerbooks or the money, or both!

    i would like to see a prosumer laptop, although i don't know what the pricing would be. it would have to make the iBooks eMac price-ish, and the powerbooks stay he same.

    anyone else want a prosumer laptop? i would buy one.
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    I think that if and when apple decides to do altivec+g3 they should rebrand it as a "mobile" chip or add a new name so perhaps it sells better. Right now its way to easy to set aside the g3 because they g5's are beign released when it still has life in it.
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    they could call it a G3+
    apple is smart. they will come up with a name for it.
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    That's what I'd like. I almost bought a PB 12" because it seemed to fit between the two laptop lines. I have my eyes set on a 15" PB (next year) but, depending on the cost, I might have to settle for less.

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    They could just keep the G4 name, as most consumers would find it difficult to tell the difference. Plus, with a *possibly* faster bus and/or speeds, it would look just like a faster G4.

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