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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by wayland1985, Apr 5, 2012.

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    I'm on day 4 with my iPad. I wasnt sure I would keep it, given its price, and the fact I have an iPhone and a nice MBP, but it's growing on me.

    I'm not a huge reader, but feel I should read more. And with a new puppy on the way I figured maybe I'd buy some dog training books.

    But, I'm curious about how manageable reading on an iPad is. I know amazon spent marketing money on saying how superior e-reading is on a kindle, so I'm hesitant to spend 10 bucks on a book that will strain my eyes.

    So: is reading on an iPad enjoyable?

    Is iBooks the best app for buying books? (I'm always partial to apple, but the kindle app seems friendlier all-around, in that I'm not locked down to one ecosystem)

    Are iBook prices comparable to kindle book prices?

    Can you share an iBook with somebody else? Say my wife?

    Thanks for any input!
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    The kindle app is good and does seem to have more ebooks.
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    Reading for me is better than a print book. I'm an avid reader.

    I use several book apps and still like the iBooks experience the best.

    Prices are typically very close, but shop around if you have no preference in which book reader you use.

    Sharing will require you to both use the same account for the specific app purchase.
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    i have a kindle e-ink. it's more enjoyable reading on it, but it's personal preference, and i doubt you'll have any issues.

    i always order through amazon. i see no benefits in ordering through apple for a file format that is poorly supported off the ipad.

    i like the kindle app. ibooks is pretty, though :)
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    I do like reading on the iPad but I find myself tiring faster. I prefer my Kindle. However, as far as which app, I really do like the Kindle app better.
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    Nothing can beat paper. Light reading on a tablet is ok, but you'll likely strain your eyes fairly quickly.
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    lol. then years later i must be going blind! love paper, but prefer kindle and the ipad. sorry.
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    So: is reading on an iPad enjoyable?

    oh yes, it is

    Is iBooks the best app for buying books? (I'm always partial to apple, but the kindle app seems friendlier all-around, in that I'm not locked down to one ecosystem)

    Not the best one, but one of the best. I would always recommend to compare between the iBooks and Kindle book store.

    Are iBook prices comparable to kindle book prices?

    yes almost but amazon has a wider choice of books

    Can you share an iBook with somebody else? Say my wife?

    yes, if you share the same apple ID or sync via the same iTunes library
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    Yeah, I really can't lie. I got my wife a kindle for christmas: its pretty darn close to paper. She reads more now though, since she can take a library everywhere she goes. Battery life is kinda shotty though: I'm not sure if it's a faulty unit or because we got a cellular data enabled model...

    But for the iPad, it Sounds like its down the middle in terms of iBooks and kindle's app.

    I'll listen for a few more comments, and maybe spend a few bucks tonight and get a book.
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    I spend several hours a day reading with my iPad and don't find this to be the case at all.
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    I have both a Kindle and an iPad (3rd Gen) and I can say for reading purposes I prefer the iPad much more over the kindle. I can read ibooks during the night with the night theme setting on with my g/f laying in bed next to me and it doesn't keep her up at all, she loves it because then she can sleep since she has to work earlier than me and I can stay up reading without disturbing her, as far as reading outside on a sunny day I would recommend getting a smudge proof screen protector they work great because they're not reflective so it's a lot easier to read.

    I have actually found that most books I read are either the same price as amazon or a little cheaper (the nook is terrible and usually more expensive than amazon or apple from what I've found). The only way to share a book with someone else as far as I know of is to have them log in under your appleID and redownload the book in question.

    I also have a new MBP and an iPhone, I use all three sometimes for the same thing, if I'm out and about and I end up waiting for something I'll open up ibooks on my phone and pickup where I left on my iPad. I use the MBP for almost everything, I also like that I can create a wishlist in itunes to keep track of books/itunes content, makes it a lot easier to keep an eye out for deals on something I wanted and get it when it's on the cheap.
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    that is key information. your amazon account can have several devices associated with it. since your wife has already purchased books using her account, i suggest you use hers to buy yours as well. doing this will ensure that you can read any book you purchase on her kindle, your ipad, any computer, any android device, etc.

    buying an ibook means you are stuck primarily in ios, and certainly she will not be able to read any books you purchase. i could add a rant here about drm and the lousy situation for consumer rights out there in the ebook world, but i will save that for another thread :)
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    "Are iBook prices comparable to kindle book prices?"

    Seriously, you can't determine this for yourself?
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    I borrowed a couple of books from my library. Started one last week and finished it in 2 days. (over 450 pages)

    I have loved to read since I was a little kid and I didn't think I'd enjoy reading on the iPad no matter how much I wanted to but I was wrong. I loved it.

    See if you can borrow something from your library to see how you like it first. I won't be replacing my own book collection with ebooks but I'd be more inclined to buy an ebook now.
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    I compared a few prices. I was simply looking to see if anybody else who reads on their iPad frequently would chime in.

    Sorry for ruining your day...
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    Grab some freebies first and try them out...


    And, some may also be free in the iBookstore, and there is always the lists in the iBook store too. OH, and try the sample before you buy.

    I prefer the iBook app, but most of my books are from the kindle store - it's easier to track freebies when they come up.

    My kids have eInk kindles and love them, I prefer reading on my iPad by far, and never read dead-tree books unless i have to.

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