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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dukemeiser, Jan 6, 2003.

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    Connect the dots... iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie upgrades all incorporate what new product? A TiVo like set top box with Superdrive, 802.11g, Bluetooth, Firewire2. Try not to drool too much. Macosrumors already posted reports from marketing that have been working with what looks like a DVD player...
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    A set-top box has been rumored for some time, and is considered a very unlikely product for Apple to make in the near future...

    not that i wouldn't love to have it happen... i'm actually planning on turning a Cube into a similar device, it'd look cool in my entertainment center, plus i'd have a full-featured computer there...

    Of course it won't have the software of a set-top, but who cares, you can surf the web :)

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    Sun Baked

    A set-top box was tried by Apple and failed in the marketplace.

    Please no Pippin Returns stories right now, just wait a day.

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