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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by superscientific, Mar 27, 2003.

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    did u guys see this? it is kinda cool


    wish they keyboard and mouse were really that color =)

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    Re: iCurve

    I'm using a white pro keyboard and mouse right now... it comes with the iMacs (and now the Power Macs)...
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    yep the icurve is real nice. ive used one and i like it a lot. no macs ship with black keyboard and mice anymore. its all white. you have to buy the black seperatly.

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    No macs ship w/Black Keyboard & Mice :confused: ?

    My friend just got a new dual 1.25 in December and his came with the black pro mouse and keyboard. Has this changed?
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    According to members of the board, yes. I got a machine with black in November and a friend of mine got the same in December. This must have come along with the 1.42.

    Apple can force white keys on me, but they can't make me like it!

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    i'm still a fan of the podium pad. I liek the adjstable angle and the relative closeness to the desk if you want. just my concept.
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    i dont see the point, why not use the laptop keyboard with a mouse. why put it on a stand?
    i dont get it.
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    did you see my keyword "anymore". trust me i would know, emacs, imacs, powermacs come with white keybaords and mice. only left over stock of the old imac will have the black.

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    Putting it on the stand helps ventilation.
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    plus it gives you a full size keyboard, a nice mouse and puts the laptop and eye level to make it feel more like a desktop.

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    what is with people using laptops as desktops? honestly. the keyword is 'lap'
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    Let's play the word find game. Find the word 'lap' in this word:

    - Notebook -

    They are not marketed as 'laptops' they are 'notebooks' or 'portables'.

    Also, look up 'ergonomics' - then use a notebook all day every day and you'll see why folks want to have their screen - keyboard and mouse all at a more comfortable position than normal.
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    What's wrong with people using 'laptops' as desktops? Honestly. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I used my "laptop' on my lap. It's usually on a table or on an airplane tray.

    And BTW, I don't keep my desktop on a desk, either. :D

    As for the iCurve, it's a great notebook stand. In addition to better cooling and a more comfortable viewing angle, you can store the keyboard under your notebook when not using it, freeing up deskspace.
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    I must agree that the stand is pretty niffty but when I arrive home I work on the Desk top. But I guess some people dont have a desk top. So the Notebook/laptop thingy double as one. Guess its nice to arrive home onto the icurve. I mean you dont carry the icurve plus keyboard and mouse around do you. Its just plain nice to work at when you get home...
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    it seems like you don't know the magic of 802.11b. A laptop is excellent for surfing almost anywhere in the house but when you need to crack down and work on something theres no better substitue for a desk, ext montior, ext keyboard and mouse. Its more like why do you buy a desktop when you can use a stand and have a laptop around your house tooo, hmmm.
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    I like it =)
    I think I will get one ..
    the heat ventilation will be much better..
    plus I plan to DVI my 22" cinema to the 17"

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    Lots of people prefer to have the same workstation at home as they do at work. At work, which is primarily Windows-based, I bring in my notebook, and have it at home. I do not want to haul a PowerMac from my house to work every day.

    I rarely use it on my lap, except when lounging.

    Oh, and for the record, I don't like the stand idea. What I am going to do is get an external monitor. 12" doesn't cut it when you have to be far away from it (like when using an external keyboard)
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    yea that thing's pretty cool. they have a 15" TiBook on one at the roosevelt field store, but as i was playing with it, it slipped off the back and almost fell off. luckily nobody saw. :cool:
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    thats a record, 4 quotes in the same thread :eek:
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    i saw. :eek:
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    I have a very similar thing going on, but much more ghetto. I plop my iBook down on an empty CDR spindel. Hello free....

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