ID with can't access MSN again?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Got the problem as well :( very frustrating! I am afraid we have to use @me and add all our users again. Stupid MS. They don't keep us updated.

    There are more topics created regarding the same issue. I have been sending them through. I hope we can gather here and find out a solution or keep each other updated.
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    Same issue here. Despite ticket submitted more than 4 days ago, yet we are still not getting any response from microsoft.

    Any idea is there a number or live chat from MS we can talk to ?
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    Mmm dunno, all I find is lots of forums. It's a mess.
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    No idea. However, it happened in 2007 and it was widely discussed in media. Today, it seems no one care or talk about it. Only few people including me are complaining.
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    I had the problem a few days ago, but now it appears to be fine.
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    You can sign in with @mac?
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    It is up again! Case closed.

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