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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by sebbesen, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Hi mac-programmers,

    I have two ideas for two apps (or add-ons) that I would really find useful myself. My programming skills are rather limited, so if anyone has the skills but lack the idea this is what I would like:

    1. A downloads status widget for Safari. Instead of the current downloads window being displayed on the desktop, this information should be display in a widget.

    2. I tend to find the dock a bit mmm... clumsy sometimes. With hiding off it takes up screen area, and the functionality with hiding on is not very good in my opinion. But, I like the way you can switch between applications using command-tab, and the way that this is only active while holding down the key-combo. Moreover the way you can go left and right with the arrow keys is also nice. But, this applies only to open apps.

    So, the idea is the extend this, i.e. not only open apps are present but all the apps you want are there (like the dock). Then you can quickly show the "dock", switch between your favorite AND your open apps, check the status of apps that shows you info on the icon (like mail, adium, acquisition etc.)

    Maybe these ideas are already existing, if so please let me know so I can start using them right away:) Otherwise I think it's pretty good ideas!

    Yes, I am using Quicksilver and I love it, but i think the (latter) idea IS rather different from this app.

    Anyway, tell me what you think and especially if you would like to make such useful pieces of software for the community (and beyond:)

    Best regards,
    Soren, Zurich CH
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    #2 would require significant hacking of Safari with a SIMBL plugin... I've seen something similar, so it's possible, but very hacky.
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    Ok, I somehow figured it wouldn't be a big deal since you are capturing information from safari rather than altering (one-way)... but I'm not very much into this in detail. Anyhow, I reckon hacky doesn't equal impossible;)
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    what you could do for that is just set the dock to hide all the time and then press control-F3 (you may have to press control-F1 first) and this will allow you to navigate the dock using the arrow keys

    hope that helps

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