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Idea Macrumors.com email service?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by acidrock, May 14, 2004.

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    hey I just had an idea to have a paid macrumors.com email address. There are several advantages, we have a lot of members. It would be advertising for the site when they sent out emails to friends. It could bring in revinue that could be added to the site hosting and others. And I think it would be just way cool to have an email @macrumors.com ! I know a lot of people that come to the site already have email, but what do you guys think? I love the website, and as long as the cost was reasonable, I'd be willing to pay

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    it would be nice to have a larger capacity inbox than hotmail

    but i wonder what the pricing scheme would be
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    it would definitely be cool. back when i ran websites, there were very simple free email services that webmasters could plug right into their sites. dunno if they still exist or not.

    btw nathan, i'm going to see Margaret Cho tonight :D

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    margaret cho? isnt she that one lesbian korean chick who set the asians back another 50 years???...lol :D
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    yea but she has rice rights, which is when you've been discrimingated against for being a person of color so she has the right to talk about her own race if she wants to! well, that's what she says.

    Paul Send me a private message about the show, I want to see if she does the same material, have fun.

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    I thought about the possibility of a macrumors.com email address, and decided that spymac already offers a service that's hard to beat. I just signed up for spymac within the last hour.
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    Hard to beat? It's dog slow, and unreliable, not exactly anything to shout about IMO. I'd rather it was just say 50-100MB an usable :rolleyes:
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    Ok. I'll certainly grant you that. Keep in mind that when I wrote that, I hadn't successfully used it yet. As far as specifications, it's hard to beat. In the real world, it's unusable.

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