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    Anyone here part of IEEE? I just joined as a student, hopefully I'll get something out of it while I'm a member.

    Edit: title is supposed to be all caps.. oh well.
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    Click Edit > Go Advanced, then you can modify the title. I am not a member of IEEE
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    I probably should join, and have thought about doing so several times, but have never gotten around to it.

    BTW, not really sure what this has to do with Mac programming?
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    MR prevents the title from being all caps, even after you edit it.

    Heh, I figured it would get more attention here, but maybe it should be moved. Up to a mod on that.
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    I think you have a good point. I'm in Computer Science right now and have been debating an IEEE membership as well, but I'm not sure if it's worth the $50 a year. I'm thinking an ACM membership would be more beneficial for me since it would give me access to many computer journals online for when I write papers.
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    I was a student member all through undergrad and graduate school. I'm a full time member as an employee of IBM now. The discount on conference admission prices is worth the yearly IEEE dues alone. It's a fantastic resource, I highly recommend being an active member either in your local chapter or through the various publications and conferences.
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    I was also a student member in grad school, it was free (or practically so). With my current job it doesn't make a lot of sense, but there are other professional societies that I am a member of. I generally recommend that students be members of as many appropriate societies as possible, just to get maximum exposure/familiarity with their industry.
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    I tried to change it, also, and obviously it didn't work. You could always spell it out.

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