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If at work, post your workscreen.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by inlimbo, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Thought it might be interesting to see what people are doing today at work.
    Here is my screen. If its not obvious from the picture tell us what your job is.
    Give u something to do if ur bored ;)

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    I'm not really at "work", but I'm "working". If you call making a phpbb tpl file working, that is.

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    i have the same ibook icon as you.. SOLID!
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    Is there a powerbook version of the icon? me want!
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    I can't due to privacy laws, but in my mind it looks alot like this:
    This guy
    Meets this guy (or girl)
    And girl sends the above to:
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    Writing this toolkit. Yes - Pages, Powerpoint. Also Word & Excel.

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    I confess, I'm just surfing the web before lunch, if you can call that 'work'
    I work at a scientific research lab in Sophia Antipolis.

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    OK, back from lunch. Looking at images from an atomic force microscope of a semiconductor grown by molecular beam epitaxy (using iPhoto 6!).

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    this thread seems like a really good way to violate your non-disclosure agreement :rolleyes:
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    As others have pointed out in another forum, MagnumOpus is the place to go.


    I've got the Powerbook with backlighting....sweet.
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    I'm currently plotting all the hazardous sites and locations in my local area onto a mapping system. I'm probably not allowed to post a screen shot which is a shame as its very interesting!

    I'm using MapInfo on a Dell PC. Quite good software. Rubbish machine.

    I work in Emegency Management btw.
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    I am a code monkey.

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