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If there would be a Android phone with...

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Poly, Sep 11, 2013.

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    ...with a screen not much bigger than the iPhone5s screen. And similar build quality, made out of anything else besides plastic.

    I would prefer that over an iPhone.
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    You mean something like the HTC One Mini?

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    Yeah but where is the CHOICE Android seems to offer?
    And the mini has pretty bad specs :/
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    Bad specs? Compared to what? The One...S4...Note 3...Z1...G2?

    It's STILL got better speakers and a better screen than the iPhone 5 or 5S.

    And there are plenty of choices out there. It just doesn't seem you're genuinely interested in finding them.
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    This is the first time I've seen someone say they prefer an iPhone to Android if choice is what they're seeking.
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    Threads like this are so pointless.
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    I agree with the OP. It seems you don't have much of a choice if you want a small android phone. Either you have to get a big screen and good specs, or small screen and worse specs. The options for a small screen and great specs are severely limited for the time being. Hopefully the Xperia Z1 mini changes that.
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    You misunderstood me.
    Android seems to offer choice, which Apple doesn't, but obviously not in the sector of high quality phones with medium screens.
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    So well said.


    That's fair. Hopefully this will get better as OEMs fill that market. It's understandably "missing" (if that's the right word) considering the trend of higher end devices going to larger screens.

    That's just the way the market, the tech trend, the consensus is going. There isn't as large of an appeal/market for smaller screens -- that time has passed, in many ways.

    I'm all for OEMs filling in the market, but I get it, too. It is gradually happening.

    Look at the iPad Mini. What if someone wants a mini tablet but with higher end specs, higher end screen? The internals of that guy is multi-year old specs.

    At least no Android OEM is trying to sell a mid-range phone for high-end prices (exorbitantly so in Apple's case). Oh wait. Curse you, Motorola!
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    No way in hell I would ever consider an an HTC Mini, but it does prove that Apple is perfectly capable of fusing a larger screen with a compact chassis and maintain high usability.

    At a bare minimum the iPhone 6 needs to be 4.3" and at most 4.5", and if it never grew beyond that size ever again, I personally wouldn't care.

    5" is too big based upon my GS4, and I don't think flagship phones need to grow every year.
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    You prefer Android. Congratulations. So... What was the point of starting this thread?
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    I'd love to see how large they can make the display while still keeping the same overall footprint....
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    Dr McKay

    You're going to have to sacrifice specs for a Smaller Android phone, but there are still choices.

    HTC One Mini,
    Galaxy S4 Mini
    Sony Xperia SL
    Galaxy S2
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    Moto X?

    It has its own caveats, too.

    But as do any phone, even iPhones (plenty!)
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    Moto x. Plastic too but it has many true innovations in the software, not just a coat of neon paint. Put a case on it made of whatever material you prefer. move on with your life.

    I would go wood :D


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