If you prick an iPod, does it not bleed? ;)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by g.money, Feb 1, 2005.

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    Weak attempt at humour aside, here's my situation.

    3 months have passed since I cracked my 4G iPod's screen. Lotsa blue ink covering the left half of the screen. :( ... but I'm over the loss.

    I'm OK with just using my iPod as an external hard drive (what turned out to be an expensive one!), but it seems like the screen's blue ink is slowly (it's taken 3 months to notice) spreading across the screen -- basically it's all over the left edges now.

    Does anyone have a definitive idea of whether this will eventually ruin the rest of the ipod's parts? I highly doubt it's leaking onto the mainboard or anything. Yes, the blue ink is all over the left border of the screen, but it's been like that for 3 months and I've still been able to use it no problem. Has nnyone dissected a broken one to see if ink bled everywhere?

    If I have to replace the screen just to keep the damn thing working, does anyone know if I can just buy a cheap 3G screen off eBay and stick it in myself (the warranty is void anyway)? If not, functioning as an external drive will have to suffice. Basically, I'm not willing to shell out much cash for repair so if anyone will put up instructions, I'll do it myself...at this point, wouldn't care about ruining the whole thing while trying.
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    The good news is it's not actually ink, the liquid crystal display turns an opaque blackish blue when exposed to air(or moisture I forget which), or an electric current (which is how text and pixels are displayed). This means that while you can't really use the display, the iPod should function normally in all other respects.
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    So if it's not ink, what is it? There must be a chemical or something that can leak out, no?

    This is fascinating. I know nothing about how LCD's work.
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    You ought to be able to find a replacement screen, if you're brave enough to crack open the case.
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    You should find this link educational. Enjoy :)
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    Thanks for the link. Good read.

    But I'm still not sure whether anything can leak out. Based on the link, if the panes of glass that house the liquid crystals break open, they could leak out, correct? Or are they bound to the glass so they wouldn't flow off it?

    ...and this is why I never became a scientist :p
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    Oops meant to reply to this the other day, but I had work issues (priorities eh?). Don't worry about liquid crystal leakage, the amount of 'fluid' in your iPod screen is very small. The fact that the screen is opaque means that the liquid crystals are still present, and are slowly aligning in a position that blocks light.

    Your iPod will be fine. But if I was you I'd look into replacing the screen... just because I like to navigate the playlists every so often. ;)

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