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I'm confused about the orgainization of some links

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by Mr. Anderson, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Mr. Anderson

    I went to the main guide, looked at Apple Software and found a link for Final Cut Pro, but no FCP Studio

    Doing a search for FCP Studio, I found a nicely detailed page - but where was this and why wasn't it in the Apple Software page? I also tried to move it, but it wanted me to rename it, not move it to the subcategory in Apple Software.

    Trying to edit Apple Software didn't help either.

    So what do I need to do and how many other pages are there out there like this?

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    [[Category: Apple Software]] at the bottom.

    Category pages in the wiki are automatic. An article with a "[[Category: (whatever)]] are added to the (whatever) category. Category pages may be edited.

    It's totally possible, though not encouraged, to add this to a page:

    [[Category: Mr Anderson]]

    That'll make a link to a non-existant category page called "Mr Anderson". Click on the red category link at the bottom of that page and edit the new page. For example, say "Here's all the articles I worked on:" and save it.. Any article with "[[Category: Mr Anderson]] are listed in that article, organized by letter.

    Additionally, category pages themselves may be categorized. So, on that new category page, adding [[Category: Categories that should never have been made]] will create a category page with "Mr Anderson" as a "Subcategory".

    The best example is the Guides category. It has a few crappy subcategories and a slew of articles. Every single one of those articles are displayed on that page *only* because they contain [[Category: Guides]].

    My eventual goal is to subcategorize every page in the "Guides" category. That would mean editing an article to say "[[Category: Networking and Internet Guides]]" and editing the category article "Networking and Internet Guides" to contain "[[Category: Guides]]".

    Simple dimple.
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    I've fixed the Final Cut Studio page.

    Special:Uncategorizedpages lists articles that haven't been assigned to a category. There are about 30 at the moment, I'll go through and fix some of them now.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Great! But can you tell me how you did it?

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    Have a look at Post #2 in this thread. Hard to imagine your answer isn't in there, but if it's not, ask a more specific question.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I figured it out, I think. And I'm adding an entry to learn the rest of the stuff.



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