I'm creating a website with Wordpress. What is the cheapest hosting option?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by oxband, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I'm creating a website for my filmmaking with Wordpress. I'm making it very simple and I'm not hosting any videos since everything will be linked from Youtube or Vimeo. I want a cheap option for hosting. The options Wordpress offers are all over 50 dollars a year. I'm thinking there must be something cheaper, such as GoDaddy, and if I want to eventually make a more comprehensive website, I can change hosts.

    Any thoughts on this? What is a good cheap host for Wordpress?
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    When I made my site on blogger I used go daddy like $10 a year for the domain and came with 10gb a month I believe and I use it for piks only vids are like you'd hosted on youtube.

    Site here www.jerrybuilt-racing.com
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    I use GoDaddy as well. I shopped hosting about a year ago and they came up better than any other. Their customer service is OK but you'll do quite a bit of clicking around on their Web site to find what you need.
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    Have you checked at wordpress.com?

    It's still free, cannot think of any cheaper than that.
    Scroll to the bottom of wordpress and click the little button "Create your own website"; right under the Get Started text

    just confused
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    I would never let Go Daddy host my sites. Try asmallorange.com or hostgator.com
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    I would also vote for A Small Orange. Can't say I'm a fan of GoDaddy. HostGator is good but I'd say their support has been lacking more recently.
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    Best host is blue host

    Stop being so cheap. Go with the best blue host about 5 or 6 month for new member about 7 or 8 for existing members. Check out what you get for your money. I have been with them for seven years and they have excellent service with 24 hour phone support. I have 12 sites up with them 4 are word press and the others I created them in dreamweaver but now in the process of changing them all to word press. Good luck.
  8. dan1eln1el5en, Oct 4, 2012
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    I use One.com.
    also it uses green energy, have very high uptimes and easy to work with. (though the data centre is in Europe)
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    A Small Orange can't be beat. Their "tiny" plan is something like $35/year, and their support is 2nd to none.
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    both bluehost and dreamhost (wordpress recommended #1 and #2) are awful. you get exactly what you pay for with web hosting.
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    I'm a web developer/designer. I specialize in WordPress sites and I can tell you from experience that GoDaddy is amongst the worst places to host your site. If you want peace of mind and good support try any of the following:

    Blue Host
    Liquidweb - most expensive but best service

    $50 to $100 year is not expensive. When it comes to hosting you really shouldn't look for the cheapest. You really get what you pay for.
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    I've also been using A Small Orange for a few years now. Their support really is great (i.e., near instant email replies to most support issues I've had).
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    This. I've been using them for years and have had no issues and love them.
  14. bronxred, Nov 29, 2012
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    No GoDaddy. Yes Dreamhost.

    If you're going for a host over the free alternatives, I'm partial to Dreamhost. GoDaddy was an absolute nightmare for me. I've been with Dreamhost for nine years and they have always been quick, courteous and helpful whenever I've had an issue or question of any kind. They have all the usual "unlimited" stuff and a great control panel.

    Jake :D
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    Wow, second to none? I just checked their website and the welcome page has a widget that currently indicates it's 44 minutes until you can speak to the next available support staff. If my clients had to wait 44 minutes I'd lose every last one of them. And deservedly so.
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    And I'd fire a client if they couldn't wait the amount of time it takes for a lunch break. Especially for $35/year. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

    For a $50/month Media Temple account, I'd agree though.
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    I'd second A Small Orange. Even if the live chat takes a while, they respond to support tickets within half an hour. Namecheap for registering a domain name; they've always been reliable in that respect.
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    You are correct, sir, cost is of course relevant. We charge much more than these plans.
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    I've been using hostgator since 2006 .. I spend $120 a year to have multiple domains. They might have something a bit cheaper. I doubt much though because anything around a $100 a year is considered good cheap shared hosting.
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    How is Bluehost horrible? I've been with them for year and their level of customer service is fantastic...
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    $50 a year is a very good price. My internet alone runs about $240 a month!


    I typically use:
    justhost.com ( I like them mostly for the automated site backups ).
    hostgator.com ( liked them a lot, but haven't hosted a new site on them in over 6 months ).
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    I would like to suggest you 'Hostgator' is good option but don't go with GoDaddy.
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    Bluehost all the way. Cheap, fast and reliable, and they offer a lot of stuff that other budget hosts don't, such as support for your own subversion repositories, and the ability to install your own programs.
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    Wordpres also provide the option for creating a website and if you want some other, then i think godaddy is good.
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    HostGator has some specials going this weekend. You can get 60% off most of the time. They run a special for an hour at a time where you can get 75% off.

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