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iMac Airport Troubles

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Scubasteve343, May 4, 2004.

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    I have a a dilemma on my hands. I try to install an airport card on my 17 inch flat-panel iMac and it appears that I do...but looks can be deseaving! I exchanged the airport extreme cards at best buy thinking there was a problem with the card...When I "install" the card my computers fans won't spin more than a second before dying out...and other times it seems my computer does turn on but the screen doesn't light up...Can any one PLEASE give me some advice...I think my airport-port in my iMac is defective... but where would i go about replacing this if thats the case.... and how much do you assume it would cost? If my port theory isn't what you have in mind please address it... Please help! I'd love to have my new Powerbook and imac networked ASAP!!! Thanks
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    Which 17-inch iMac do you have? the original 17-incher did not support Airport extreme--you would need a regular airport card for that one.
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    Make sure you have the right card, make sure it's fully seated, make sure it's facing the right way.

    If the proper card is properly inserted then you probably have a problem elsewhere. Are you still under warranty? Call Apple.

    As has already been stated, if your iMac is more than (give or take a couple months) a year old it won't accept an AirPort Extreme card.
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    I have the first version of the 17 inch models... it has a super drive, 800 mhz... I'll take your advice and exchange my current card with an original airport card... thanks for the tip!!! :D
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    Now on to the next speed bump...

    So the good news is that the original airport card worked... the bad news is that the airport network doesnt let me sign on ...I type in the password on my powerbook and it gets me connected no problem but then i try and log into the same network with the same password, just like the powerbook on my iMac (with the original airport card) and it doesn't let me log in...it says I typed in the wrong password but I've tried doing this several times... when I created the network did I do something wrong? Please help me again, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!! :D :confused: :D :confused:
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    It has to be something basic and we can't possibly know all the variables for your condition. Are your cap locks on? Are you positive you're using the right password?

    If all else fails you can reset the base station, which will wipe the password--then you can start fresh.

    Make sure your iMac is running the latest AirPort software-just to be safe.

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