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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by smelanson, Sep 24, 2006.

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    I just got an IMac G3 running OS X and OS 9.2.2. I am having monitor problems with it, the monitor has a slight red color on the right side and if there is a light colored box on the screen I get almost a run effect going to the right. This happens in OS X Tiger with all the updates, OS 9.2.2. I also have all the firmware updates, an external monitor looks great.
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    move speaker magnets farther away from machine?

    (edit:) I wonder if previously magnets were left near CRT; they can do permanent damage... Mac OS wouldn't cause the display to malfunction. Definitely a hardware issue, I'm not qualified to troubleshoot but everybody knows monitors+magnets=bad monitors!
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    The only speakers I have for it are the ones built in.
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    Does it still happen if you move the iMac to another area? Electrical interference from wiring in the walls, lamps, refrigerators, motors, etc. can be enough to cause that kind of effect in a CRT. My eMac would go yellow at a certain part of the room!

    Also, shut down and start up again--I think that will degauss the display.
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    Yes, I have tried it at work, where I got it and at home, both places it did it. It wasn't used for 4 months or so and when I first turned it on it was blurry but it has got alot better, however, it does not seem to be improving from this state. I have shut it down a couple of time, no improvement.
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    Sounds like there's something wrong inside. Maybe some part shifted?

    I wonder if it's worth getting a repair cost estimate from a general electronics-repair shop?
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    I was hoping there was an easy fix but to be honest I kind of figured something was wrong with it.

    Thank you for the assistance
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    in my former job, we had an Apple CRT monitor lose it's "red" gun. The blue and green were fine, so the display still worked but the images looked like sludge. I believe Apple quoted us a price of $400 to fix it. We bought a new monitor for less than half that instead.

    I'd just use an external monitor, if it were me.
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    I may just stick with that
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    Best advice I can give: find a cheap, old imac (they usually run around $50-150), that matches your model. Swap out the hard drive and RAM. Done.

    Or if you can find someone selling one for parts that can verify the monitor works, the whole chassis is removable in your imace, so you can, in theory, just slide it into the case/monitor of a same gen imac...

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