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iMac iSight: image is "mirrored"!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Taustin Powers, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Where do I configure the built in camera to fix this?

    New to Mac, just switched today!
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    mirrored when u look at your self, normal to person on other end of video chat. It is not a problem, and congratulations you're gonna love us.
  3. mpw

    Why do you want to 'fix' it? As the previous poster has said other people will see a regular image.
    It's done that way so you don't get confused when you go to wipe some dust from your left eye a poke out your right 'cause the image won't move like a reflection.
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    Hold up a paper with some text and ask yourself again if it's mirrored. Good luck with your new Mac.
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    Thanks for the input!

    Have not tried to conference with anyone yet. Just took a snapshot in Photobooth holding a piece of writing, and the picture it took is still backwards.

    And you're right, I am loving this machine!
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    I had the same issue with a vaio it is really annoying
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    Is this the way it should be?

    I checked out an iMac at my local Apple Store and noticed the mirroring as well. I didn't like it at all. I read what was written about people at the other end seeing it properly, but I don't think that this is the solution.

    For example, I was wearing a sweatshirt with the name of a college printed on the front. When I took shots with the camera and viewed/manipulated them on the screen, the text was backwards. Won't it also be backwards if I print those photos?
  8. mpw

    I know it may not be the solution you're after but many printers can print a mirror image.
    I bet if there's an option to view the image as a straight video image you'll not like it when you try it as it's not as natural.
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    You can set Photo Booth to auto-flip new photos, if you want to take pictures and still read text.
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    I don't understand what you mean when you say it's not as natural. When I take a photo with my 10D and look at it on the LCD screen, the words show up in the proper orientation. Isn't that what is natural?
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    Exactly, this is too obvious. If you want it to read 'logically' when printed, flip it in PhotoBooth, iPhoto, or Photoshop. Not real tough to figure out... :rolleyes:
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    Well maybe, just *maybe* someone would like the option of getting a realistic preview of the picture before it is taken?

    I can see how some people would like it better this way (mirrored), but would it really be too much to ask to have the option?

    That's one of those things that I am afraid might bug me a little about Mac...too much "must do it their way"...
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    I'm quite capable of flipping it after the fact. I'm trying to get someone to explain why it is "more natural" for it to show up reversed to start with. If all of the pictures you took with a digital camera showed up on your screen in reverse, would you like that? It would be easy enough to change each one, but why would you want to and why should you have to?
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    Ah, ok, I don't have iSight myself. So it actually is mirrored. :eek: I guess it's because people are used to looking at themselves in the mirror and get confused if it's done the camera way.

    I think I also would prefer non-mirrored, but I wouldn't know for sure until I get an iSight.
  15. mpw

    On a still camera it makes no difference but when using iSight with iChat for video conferencing and you're looking at yourself as the camera sees you your movement looks unnatural because normally when looking at a reflection your image moves to your left as you move left and in a straight video your image move the other way.
    I've not used photo-booth but I think of like this; suppose there's a dot on the screen where you want your nose to be, doing it Apples way if your nose is just to the left of the dot as you view it your shift a little to the right just as a mirror. Doing it your way you'd need to move right to shift your image left.
    Try this; go to your bathroom and get a couple of mirrors so you can view a reflection of your reflection, with a 'true' image of you, now try shaving or plucking your eyebrows or putting make-up on.
    If it continues to bother you try this site where they have a couple of add-ons that let you flip the image as well as other stuff like have your screen display as the broadcast image which sounds useful. I not used their software.

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