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Imagine this Scenario... Confusion.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by cleanup, Oct 23, 2005.

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    New slim iMac G5 sitting happily on desk. iMac G5 is running Front Row.

    iPod sitting in Universal Dock connected to Powered Speakers and Power Adapter. iPod is on and is playing music.

    Me holding Apple IR Remote, between the iMac and iPod, equal distance from both of them.

    Me presses Volume Up on Apple IR Remote.

    iMac G5 moves one item up.

    iPod's volume increases.

    Me presses Menu on Apple IR Remote.

    iMac G5 moves back one menu.

    iPod moves back one menu.

    Does anyone else see a problem here?
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    There's functionality built in to the remote which allows it to be paired with a specific device very easily. All it requires is some sort of button combination.

    I read about it on iLounge, so I'm sure it's quite readily available in the manual.

    Good luck!
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    According to this Apple KB article, you can pair the remote to a receiver, similar to how you pair bluetooth devices to one-another.
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    Beat you to it, Chris. SORRY!
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    All you provided was hearsay. I provided a source.

    So eat that. :p
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    Maybe I should add "Warning: Rapidly degenerating thread" to the title :p

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