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iMessage issue

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ben123456, Jun 25, 2013.

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    After updating to beta 2 my iMessage has not been working on my phone. Nor my friends who is also on beta 2. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Restarting the phone worked for me, including mine.
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    Still not working for me. I deactivated, restarted, reactivated. No luck. Delivers to some contacts but not my girlfriend. I'm on a clean install of beta 2. iMessage worked on my previous beta 2 install that was based on a backup restore. Thoughts? Advice??
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    you can try reloading the OS again. i was having problems with imessage not activating on ios6 after i was using a prepaid SIM while in Iceland for a week. it worked perfectly while there, but when i put my verizon sim back in, no dice. i had to reload the OS then restore to a previous backup.

    are you guys stuck on activation? when i went to beta 2, my imessage was activated properly upon updating, but my phone number was greyed out. i had to hard reboot to allow it to use my number as an imessage address.
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    In beta 1 I had issues with activation.

    In beta 2 it enables and actives just fine, but never sends as a blue iMessage no matter what. When I receive messages from iPhone users it says 'iMessage' (but of course their bubble is gray, as incoming) but everytime I send, it just doesn't deliver, and turns green.
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    Exact same problem for me. It's the only major problem I'm having with this beta.
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    I was having problems after updating too! That is until I realized that for whatever reason iMessage turned itself off. It may seem silly but double check to make sure it's actually turned on.
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    I was unable to send an iMessage (only a text message) until someone sent me one first -- then I could reply with an iMessage.

    Something really weird happened yesterday though when I received 65 iMessages in about a 1-minute span and they were all showing up on my end as Asian characters.
    I even rebooted my phone and after the reboot they continued for about an other 20-seconds.
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    Restarting worked for me and iMessage stops working like once a day which I have to restart
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    So my issue seems to come down to an issue sending iMessages to my fiancee. With everyone else, it works fine, but with her, I'll send but it won't be receieved for 5-15 minutes, if at all. I've never had a problem messaging her before. She is always either in a strong signal area or on house wifi.

    Has anyone had an issue on iOS 7 sending iMessages to a single person?
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    I reinstalled beta 2 and setup the phone as NEW and that fixed my iMessage issue.

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