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iMessages Beta not working with some contacts

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by -MRB, May 23, 2012.

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    When trying to send a message to a contacts mobile number that's on iOS5 - It says that they're not available for iMessage.

    Do you need their email address for it to work?
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    Do they have ios devices
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    Yup, as I said in the OP he is on iOS5 and uses iMessage on his iP4 to message other iPhone users running iOS5 just fine.
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    No you don't need their email address, you can just send it to their mobile number. I believe by default iMessage is not turned on in iOS5, you may need to tell your friend to turn it on.

    I have to text a few friends and ask then to turn it on.
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    But that's just it.. It IS on. There were about 6 people with iOS5 in my living room using iMessage on their iPhones.

    I messaged everybody from my Macbook other than one person which said he's unavailable for iMessage (Even though he was using it right there and then)
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    Anyway, try to add e-mail address of your contacts, because time to time Messages can't identify just by phone number. I passed this issue and since I've added e-mail address to contacts it's just works. Miracles don't happen :)

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