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iMouse - To enable right-click with single button mouse

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by livecn, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Hi All,

    I love Mac so much that I bought an Apple Mouse Pro several for my Windows laptop several years ago (yes, I had no money to buy a full Mac so I bought the mouse only!)

    To use the mouse on my Windows PC, I wrote a little app to enable right-click on a single button mouse.

    No one used it for years.

    Now I think it's useful for you Mac Book Pro users to run Windows with your Mac laptop.


    To download it, goto: http://livecn.huasing.org/imouse/


    Best Regards,
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    Looks great!
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    I think it will be really useful when people run Windows on Mac Book Pros since the built-in trackpad has only one button. =)
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    I'm gonna use it :)
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    Holding down the caplocks key on my MacBook Pro does not turn it on and off. Also I dont see a way to set the Auto start feature.

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    Hi ilkevinli,

    Sorry I have no way to test it on a mac, but i think since it's Windows, it should be the same.

    Please make sure you have clicked "Enable" to enable iMouse. After it is enabled, when you hold down the caplock key for longer than 0.3 seconds, you will notice the caplock is turned off and there is a small triangle on top of your mouse cursor, which means the mouse is now in Right-click mode. Next click will be a right-click.

    You can also hold down the mouse button for longer than 0.3 seconds and the small triangle will appear too.

    To auto start, right-click (yup, you will need to enable iMouse to do right-click) on the small icon in the right-bottom of the screen, you will see a popup menu where you can choose "Start with Windows".

    I have also updated the program to enable itself once it's started. If you download again, you will not need to click "Enable" everytime you run it.

    Sorry for the confusion (if any). Hope it can work. Please keep me updated if you find it now works, or still not. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

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    This seems ok, but three seconds? A long time for a simple right click.

    Anyway, SharpKeys (google it) for Windows has the functionality of remapping keys to become something else (for example, I use it to make F13 the "Print Screen" key in Windows from my Apple Keyboard)

    The Apple key on the right side should be the right click function as there are 2 Apple keys (1 launches the start menu)
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    Oops!!! No no no, it's not 3 seconds. It is 0.3 seconds!

    Three seconds would be horrible...

    I had been using iMouse for 1 year so I know it works in most cases.

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    Nope. On the MBP holding down the Capslock does not turn it on and off. I can see the caplocks light turn on and off so its restting itself but your program does not turn on and off. Weird.

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    Hi ilkevinli,

    I think you've understood me wrongly.

    CapsLock on/off doesn't mean iMouse on/off. It is just a way to invoke the right-click state, like Ctrl+Click to enable right-click in Mac OS X.

    Since Ctrl+Click, Alt+Click, and Shift+Click all have their specific usage in Windows, I chose CapsLock+Click to enable right-click. In order not to confuse with CapsLock's own feature, iMouse automatically switches off CapsLock when you press and hold it to enable right-click.

    So it means CapsLock+Click = Right-click. Not Capslock on/off = iMouse On/off.

    Hope it's clear now. =)

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    Oh OK. :D Im a dumy. Thanks.


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