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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Hikkadwa, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I am an experienced iMovie user and until recently used a mini dv camera on standard screen format producing some good results. This last week I've purchased a 3CCD mini DV which has the option of shooting in widescreen. Great rtesults but when transferring to iMovie (starting a new project in Widescreen) it kicks me out and reverts to standard screen and then usually crashes. About to go on the holiday of a lifetime later this week and am keen to get it right. Any ideas. Failing that I will shoot all my DV in standard screen not wide.
    I use apple mac osx 10.4.7 on intel core duo 2ghz
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    What camcorder is it? I've never run into that issue myself, but if we know what model it is, we can take a look around other forums to find out...
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    Camcorder make

    Panasonic NVGS 500 but I dont think its the camcorder?
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    um set your project properties to 16x9 instead of 4x3?
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    If I were you, unless you have a camera which nativley films at 16:9 (which are a rare breed under $4,000 - I think Canon makes one but I'm not sure), then I would just film in standard 4:3 and crop in post. If I understand correctly, the "16:9" modes on most consumer/lower prosumer cameras just do the same thing - crop, then stretch to fit 4:3. You'll have better control over it and less compatibility problems if you film at 4:3 and crop to 16:9 at the last minute on your editing computer.
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    Hi I had this problem with a Sony PC1000. It is all about which you do first.
    You must attach the camera, switch on and sellect the edit mode on the camera. Now start iMovie and it should detect the widescreen feed from the camera.
    You may be able to start iMove earlier but you must not start a project and then start the camera it will flip back the 4:3 if you do.

    Hope this helps.
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    Agreed. My budget Canon model is a rare one, actually capturing extra pixels for the widescreen, rather than crop.

    That said, try the order outlined below and let us know what happens...

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