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iMovie Updated With Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 14, 2013.

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    Maybe I'm being optimistic, but this is a .9 release.

    Since this is a .9 release, maybe this is the final update for iMovie '09, before iLife '13 is introduced? :eek:

    (Or maybe .11 will be the final update, a la OS X Tiger -- or maybe I'm jumping the gun.) :p
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    Michael Goff

    All 3 people who use iMovie will be glad.
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    Who are the other two people? I use iMovie every week and it works well for my needs. While today's update isn't all that dramatic, I'm glad that they're still paying some attention to it.
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    Totally news worthy.
    Slow day?

    Next think you know they'll post about an iTunes update...oh wait. :rolleyes:
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    Michael Goff

    Well, I found one of the three! :D

    But, yeah, it's a good thing they're paying attention to this. It'd be much better if they were paying attention to their #2 "Top Paid" app a little more, though. It is selling in HUGE amounts. D:
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    Pretty big update.
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    AFAIK iMovie is the best app to make supercuts
  11. palmharbor, May 14, 2013
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    iMovie 6 still fine

    I don't make a change just for the sake of making a change. iMovie 6 works just fine for me...intuitive unlike the newer editions...no problems...too many jump to the next version just because its new. New is not always better...Here is an example personified.
  12. mic j, May 14, 2013
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    Do you still ride a horse? ;)
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    Big files huge memory consumption and still 32 bit :mad:
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    People always talk about how Apple has seemingly abandoned pro users. But in the case of iLife and iWork apps, doesn't the lack of major updates make it seem like Apple has mostly working on mac apps at all? We're still getting OSX updates and updates to things like iTunes (mostly because it's important to mobile sales). I would think that Apple would want to put at least some effort into the mac apps just to keep parity with the iOS versions, if nothing else.

    Sad considering that Apple used to use new versions of these to show off the mac.
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    I just wish they would fix their crappy video output quality. I can take a beautiful 1080 video and iMovie will butcher it so it looks like some VHS tape.

    Adobe premier elements will output it fine.
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    new version, new version, new version, new version 60p support, mts support, better rendering, 64 bit, time remapping, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
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    Well iMovie is #11 in the Top Paid, which is not bad at all.

    It's #17 in Top Grossing just in front of Autocad ($899) so that should mean that iMovie sold at least 60 copies at $14.99 each :rolleyes:
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    Oh they updated final cut. Who still uses this?
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    Battery Status achieved #14 in top paid with about 1K downloads in a day, so I'd imagine iMovie is bringing in over 1K downloads per day on average from the MAS alone... IDK whether Apple still distributes it in any other way (IE, preinstalled on new Macs or on disk.)
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    Jessica Lares

    Well, I'm happy that they're fixing bugs. Worst thing is moving on to a whole revamped version when stuff still needs to be addressed.
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    does it offer RED support? Will it in the future?
    I hope it does, I really want to buy a Red Dragon to film my cats. I have two and they deserve top notch resolution but I need a decent non-linear editor to handle the pure awesomeness, unlike fcpx.
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    Well if you can afford a RED camera i guess you wouldn't be wining here about iMovie :D
    So lets call it bluff


    And yet another mister "know it all". If you save long enough maybe even YOU can buy a copy, that makes you nr 4 !
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    szw-mapple fan

    Yeah, iLife is still bundled with every mac.:D


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    Ka-Pow!! Nice!
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    Michael Goff

    I already have it, it came free with my Macbook Air. :|

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