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importing vector images into flash?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sam/B, Apr 2, 2006.

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    Can it be done in flash (Ideally with the background transparent)? Last time I tried importing an eps flash said it couldnt do it then crashed. What should I save the vector image as? I'm resulting to saving images as gifs with a transparent background but I get a very rough nasty looking edge most of the time.
    I'm using 'Flash pro 8'
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    What are you creating your eps files in?

    If you're using Illustrator CS1 or CS2, have you tried exporting to a earlier form of eps like Illustrator 8? Also, perhaps transparency in eps files may be a cause of problems, but that's just a guess.
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    Save your illustrator files as legacy .eps files... like BV said, v8 should do. Even then, there's always been some quirkiness. It will drop/switch colors sometimes, but you can always dig into the vector shapes in flash and fix them up. Also, (no, I don't know why) sometimes it drops shapes altogether.. like it gets confused by the complexity of the vectors... if this happens try bringing various parts of you .eps in separately and merging them in Flash.

    If you are using things in Illustrator like shadows or transparency, these will certainly cause problems for Flash.
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    Like the previous poster had said, filters and features like masking, shadow, blur cannot be be imported perfectly into flash. For me, if I don't need the editibility, I would use png files inside of gif. You can even preserve semi-transparent stuff like shadows and the quality is pretty good.
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    Later versions of Illustrator have the ability to export graphics as SWF files. I've found this to be the best way to get them into Flash. Go to File > Export and choose .swf format. The files are small in comparison to EPS files and they import perfectly.
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    Copy Paste

    Sometimes The SWF thing works perfectly, sometimes I just copy and paste directly from illustrator into flash, which has the benefit of being able to manipulate vectors in flash,
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    SWFs from Illustrator imported into Flash are still completely editable in Flash. (you can't open them in Illustrator, though).
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    Save it as a Freehand file, it works..... well for me it does.

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