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In iOS apps, are Cocoa and Objective-C used to code the UI?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by juiceman, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I know html and css and have created a few websites in the past. I usually design and code the UI, then hand that over to a developer, to add in the back-end coding.

    I'm now going to try producing an*iPhone app and I'm wondering if I could learn how to code the UI for it before I get someone else to do the 'real' programming.

    I know that iPhone apps use Cocoa and Objective-C but are those languages also used to create the UI? If no, what's used for that?

    Secondly, can you direct me to any examples of code for a UI of an iOS app?
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    UI Is builded if you don't want to learn how to do it in Code, called Interface Builder, it's builded into Xcode. You can drag images/views/buttons on there, and your app will convert it into xml, and that will be loaded in when you start the app (all behind the scenes), so to create the basic UI, you don't need to know the real language. but to create extra views, navigating between the, you do need some coding experience..
    I strongly encourage you to do so :)
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    Thank you jnoxx, this info is useful.
    It looks like my version of OS X is unfortunately not high enough to run XCode. (I'm only on 10.5). I guess I'll just have to get the developer to translate my designs into the user interface.
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    Sure, you can allways pm me if you need more personal information on how to get to your next goal (and consider upgrading your mac!)

    PS: as you can see in my footer, i have been working with custom designs before ;)
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    Xcode has been running on OS X since 10.3, but 10.5 can only run up to 3.1.
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    Cocoa Touch, not Cocoa, is the UI framework for iOS apps. Cocoa Touch uses different UI elements more suitable for fat fingers, with no mouseover or menu bar support.

    And Objective C is the language that best supports all of the Cocoa Touch UI framework.
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    And would Xcode 3.1 be a high enough version to produce code for an iPhone app?
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    What version of iOS are you hoping to produce an app for? Seems Xcode 3.1 can only handle iOS 2.0.

    If you want to be using anything recent in your SDK and Xcode, you need to consider moving into this decade, really.
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    Ok, no need to be cheeky ;) I only do this a hobby and we're only 2 years into this decade. I'm grateful for the advice though.

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