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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ncarnall, Dec 18, 2011.

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    I have had a Incase case fitted since new, one of the bottom clips soon broke and I got a free replacement from Incase which was good as it cost nearly £50 from Apple store. Well now the replacement has also broken a clip off, do you think they'll replace it again or refund me? or should I go back to Apple store?
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    I don't think Apple Store will be of any help on third part accessories.
    I'd write Incase kindly ask for a clip. Maybe offer to buy a couple since they broke somewhat often...
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    The clip is a moulded on parts, so will need a whole replacement bottom.
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    If it's past the return window, it's up to Incase, apple won't do anything.
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    If apple sold the item, the sale contract is with them. not with the manufacturers, so if the item is faulty it is apples fault. in the uk at least. I get so mad when people buy an item, an xbox 360 say, and when it goes wrong the shop says tell Microsoft, nothing to do with us. The contract is with the person who sells the goods, not the people who made it.
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    Incase were excellent and have sent another replacement cover. No hassle at all.
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    Nice customer service

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