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indesign refer to pages automatically

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Dal123, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Does indesign cs2 have a feature that can automatically refer to pages in a document; e.g.
    a table of contents such as:
    terms and conditions page: 3

    I read a little about section markers though don't think they apply here. Is what I'm after possible.

    Obviously the amount of content in these documents is constantly changing and I'm currently wasting a lot of time searching through pages correcting numbers.
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    There is a table of contents feature (in the Layout menu), but if you're referring to a page number in the text of a document, here's a neat trick:

    Use the Next Page marker character (located where the Current Page marker is that you use on master pages).

    Thread two empty text frames between these two pages: put the first on the page where the reference is made, and the second on the page being referred to.
    Send the first one behind the text frame containing the Next Page marker, ensuring it underlaps.

    The Next Page marker will always display the number of the page containing that second frame, no matter where it moves in the document
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    Thanks very much classof89, unfortunately I know nothing about page sections etc nor much of indesign at all.
    I think a problem I might be having is I haven't created 'Section Marker character', or something like that. Currently I try to create a section marker, a space comes up but doesn't show anything (I'm viewing this http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1323251&seqNum=23) and I really don't know what I'm doing.
    I have managed to view paragraph breaks and all spaces though I can't remember how I've done that and cannot now remove it :eek:.
    I'm out of my depth here and don't know the very basics.
    I have page automatic page numbers, and I'm trying to have it as 'page 3 of 7' I have the first bit fine but how to get the total number of pages?
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    Next Page markers are most commonly used for "jump numbers" (those messages at the end of an article that say "Story continued on page 7"). The Next Page marker can be used in place of typing "7", so if the threaded frame is ever moved, the 7 automatically updates.

    Not 100% sure what you're after, so I'm not sure if this is the best advice (if it sounds close, look on adobe.com for "indesign next page marker")
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    Thanks classof89, sounds like next page marker is what I want.
    I was not aware that I needed to create a seperate text frame, though it makes sense. I thought I might need to add some sort of marker to the text I was referring to.
    Sounds like next page marker is what I need. Thanks :)

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