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Install Flash Update?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by BikerAlley, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Ok got my new IMAC today and first site I go to tells me I need to Upgrade Flash. So go there and download it and moved it to the Application folder and closed my browser and re-opened it and still not working.
    Did I install it wrong?
    This is the same steps I used to install Fire Fox and it works fine.
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    Welcome to the silly world of Mac installs
    Once moved to your app folder, i think you have to run the app

    I just did it 2 days ago but i've forgotten. I know it was an unusual install
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    Thanks!! That did it.
    Love my new Imac:apple:
    Im an Old PC guy and this is all new to me but once I find out how to do something it just seems to make sense,
    But it's hard to change my way of thinking.

    I'm sure I will be back!
    Thanks agian
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    No worries!
    I'm the same, I spend 9h a day 6 days a week fixing PC's
    Some times its.. a struggle.? to remember how Mac's work
    Any more questions, just ask please
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    The silly world of Mac software updates will be changing as the Mac App store becomes more mainstream. I think I even read where Apple stores are going to stop selling software in house. They'll start pushing people to buy from the Mac App store.

    Should become as seamless as purchasing app for you iPhone.
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    This is the change in Lion I am most excited for! :)

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