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Install OS 10.7 to External when running OS 10.8

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by kunze50, Aug 26, 2012.

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    Hi I'v formatted an old external and was hoping to install a copy of Lion on it, but cannot run the Lion installer since I'm on ML. Is there any way around this? Reason being a family members macbook cannot run Mountain Lion and they have corrupted their hard drive..
  2. Mal
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    Restore the InstallESD.dmg image from the Lion installer to a flash drive or DVD-DL, or even onto a partition on your hard drive, then boot from that to do the install. There are a number of guides on how to do that if you need.

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    Mal, I appreciate the reply.
    I have looked into locating the InstallESD.dmg file but it seems to be unavailable when running a current OS or higher. I'v also tried a free app: Lion Diskmaker 2.1 to receive an error, as again running ML may cause this..
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    Is this possible?

    Come the weekend I switch to an External drive with Snow Leopard running very nicely. But I have had an excessive amount of problems with Mountain Lion the day-to-day Internal drive, problems I never had with Lion.

    During the weekend I noticed some 32GB Flash Drives go down to an Unreal price level. I'm talking about less than $20.00 from PNY.

    So I'm suddenly wondering: Can I install Lion in a 32GB Flash Drive? There are many Apps I just don't use that often. Like Chess, Calender, Calculator and Contacts just to mention the C's. Deleting them would open up room and such.

    Or should I get two 32GB Flash drives and RAID them into a 64GB Drive?
    Or should I wait for the 64GB Drives to show up?
  5. Mal
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    Doesn't matter what OS you're running, if you have the installer. Just right click on the installer, select Show Package Contents, and navigate to the file from there.


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