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Installing Bootcamp-only graphics card

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by chicagoarch, May 4, 2012.

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    While I'm a seasoned software user, when it comes to hardware I'm a bit of newbie, so forgive me if this is a basic question (some of the posts related are pretty in depth, whereas I need something basic). I need to purchase a pc graphics card for my Mac Pro 2008 for use with Autodesk projects including 3dsMax. It's not necessary that it work on the Mac side which is why i'd rather go with a cheaper PC card than an expensive card that works for both the mac and Bootcamp sides (such as the quadro 4000 mac).

    I understand that installing a pc card for ONLY bootcamp will work. But as a newbie...is it as simple as plug and play? Will windows automatically understand to use the new graphics card and not the other? And will osx understand NOt to use the new card (since I will still be using the mac side for all things other than autodesk software). Other posts talk about installing new power supplies, flashing cards, etc etc (which is well beyond my knowledge)...but i'm not sure if that's getting over the top for what I need.

    Finally...i haven't chosen a graphics card yet...any recommendations for this type of 3d modeling and CAD software?
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    Have you tried it with your existing setup? You might find it works well enough without a new card.
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    with the current set up and card? It works in that I can use the program...but in terms of rendering and modeling, it's like walking with 50lb weights strapped to your feet!
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    That's what I was wondering. I didn't know how much of a difference it made - and everybody's usage needs are different.
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    I work with 3ds Max, and I've had high end Quadro and Geforce cards. Forget about the Quadro cards. They are good, but in no way necessary, and for the price of one card you can get two or three GFX 680 (I mean change every time a new one comes out, not at the same time)
    Also, I wasn't impressed by the Quadro performance driver for 3ds Max. Maybe it could display more polygons faster, but it was also buggy (not too bad, but at this price, you'd have expected a flawless driver)

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that with NVidia's latest drivers you could use any GTX both on Windows and OS X. In this case, I'd suggest a GTX570 or 580.
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    Thanks Juanm, That's helpful advice about the Quadro...especially since it's SO expensive!

    So regarding your comment about drivers for the GTX 680/580/570 (or really any GTX card that's not made specifically for the mac) Correct me if i'm wrong, but from reading other posts you would only need to flash it if you want it to work in OSX. If I only needed it to work in Bootcamp to use 3ds max (or really anything else in Windows), It's pretty much Plug -n- Play as long as I have the correct driver installed. Is that about right?


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