Installing OSX Leopard on eMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by downingp, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I found a great deal on an eMac for the rest of my family to use. Before getting started, I wanted to reinstall Leopard using a disk image. Obviously with an eMac, I am not able to boot and install using a USB flash drive so I used an old iPod with a firewire connection and put the disk image on the iPod. The problem I am having is when I hold down the "option" key on startup, the iPod drive does not show up. Am I doing something wrong? To my understanding, I thought I could use an old iPod to install OSX

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    What kind of iPod are you using? Did you use Disk Utility to restore the image onto the iPod?
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    I used an old school 10 gb iPod that has a FireWire only port. I also used the disk utility to restore the image. When the computer is on, it reads the iPod fine and has the OSX ready to install. I just can't get it to show up on strat up.
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    Could I use the remote install feature on my i5 if I have the Leopard install disk?
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    tom vilsack

    did you format the ipod using "mac os extended"?

    i ask because....

    -i use a usb stick with a tiger image (made with carbon copy) to restore a ibook G3
    -if the usb stick has fat32 for some reason disk utility wont see the image...but if usb stick is formated with os extended,then disk utility see's it np

    note: if running disk utility from within osx, a fat 32 usb stick with image can be seen...but not when booting osx and running disk utility
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    Yes I formatted the iPod with OSX extended journaled. I think I may just go with the target FireWire mode and see if that works.
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    Yes, do that. Put the disc in, restart your MacBook Pro and put it in target disc mode. Make sure you have a FireWire 800 to 400 cable. Then get the eMac to boot from it. I did that with my eMac cause it only had a CD drive. Burn the disc image to a DVD though.
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    To put it in target mode, I want to put the install disk in my iMac and then hold down the "T" button on the emac to make it essentially an external hard drive. Then, click the install Mac OSX on the iMac and then it will ask to restart the iMac to boot from the disk and continue install pointing the install at the emac drive?
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    tom vilsack

    does your emac have a dvd?

    if so ,you could aways do this:

    put image onto usb stick (thats osx extended format)
    boot emac using a leopard disk utility and restore with image on usb stick
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    If my emac had a DVD drive, I think the easiest way to install Leopard is to put the install disk in the drive and install from the disk
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    tom vilsack

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    LOL...that's what I was thinking.
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    I'm pretty sure you can boot from USB.

    I have an eMac with a CD (non writable) only drive. I also have other Macs capable of reading DVDs and a 8-GB USB flash drive.

    I use Disk Utility to restore the DVD to the flash drive. Then I put it in my eMac, boot it up and hold down [OPTION]. I get a GUI for selecting the disk that I want to boot from. (In this case it will have an icon for your hard drive and one that has the same icon to the right of it that says "Mac OS X Install DVD") Click on it to boot from the USB drive. :apple:
  14. tom vilsack, Dec 7, 2010
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    tom vilsack

    if you like to redownload all updates (reboot reboot reboot) and like to find all your favorite programs,setting ect....i prefer to ccc a image of my mac and then use disk utility to reimage....but hey if you like your slow method be my guest... ;-)

    also if you read original post...where does it say he doesn't have a dvd...he states he has image and it's on ipod...........thought perhaps he didn't know he could use a usb stick,as alternative (formatted to journaled) and reimage that way!!!!

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