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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by cleo, Mar 21, 2002.

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    Hi all. I decided I just couldn't wait to get PS 7 for my new iMac, and so I went and downloaded the version 6 Tryout from Adobe. I went through the whole installation process, and it gets hung up at the very end, with the little box that says "Finishing up installation." Actually, first I tried PS Elements, and it did the same thing. After about an hour I force-killed Vise, and when I tried to open Elements, I got an error saying that that version was incompatible with OS X. So I trashed everything and started over with PS 6 Tryout. Now it's stopped at the "finishing up" box and has been there for about 45 minutes. What should I do?!
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    PS 6 is only for OS 9. Why are you trying to run it in OS X? I have not seen that problem with PS 6 before.

    try booting in to OS 9 before you installit. I have seen some problems installing OS 9 apps Running OS X and classic mode.
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    u should have waited.....7 can work in both 9 & X...
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    Cleo, pay attention!
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    photo 6 can work on osx classic.
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    I *do* know the difference between X and 9. I just didn't know that installing classic programs while running X doesn't work so well. So I rebooted into 9, installed PS 6, and am now running it in Classic.
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    here's the scoop...

    there is OS 9.....& there is OS X....too completely different systems as u can well as Photoshop 6 & 7 are coded differently...

    many applications are having to be rewritten because they are meant to work in OS 9 not X (X isn't traditional "Mac OS" actually Unix tweaked out to work on Macs)

    the way this works is when an application is "X compatible" has the ability to run in either OS (9 or X)....but it's not backwards compatible with older versions of software....kinda like u can open a Freehand 8 file in Freehand 9....but u cannot open a Freehand 9 file in Freehand 8....makes sense so far?

    anyway....OS 9 works independently.....while Classic Mode works while running OS which case u are having one OS control another OS (kinda like on a pc DOS with Windows)...

    the main difference between running Photoshop 6 in OS 9 & running it in Classic through X is a performance downgrade.....simply because u have OS X controlling OS 9 controlling Photoshop 6...

    if u had Photoshop 7.....u could run it natively on X....or natively on's built to work on either system.....where Photoshop 6 only works natively on 9...

    did I confuse u any? it's kinda late and I'm most likely not explaining this too well....but hopefully if I miss any key points here someone will pick up the pieces for me.... :p

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