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Installing Windows XP on MacBook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by CoastOfGold, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Well, I just installed XP on my new MacBook. I can't go on the internet or do pretty much anything else because I didn't install anything from the Dell ResourceCD. When I did insert the disk, I got a pop up saying that Dell does not recognize this computer as being a Dell computer and therefore will exit the Resource Disc. Anybody can please give me some help how to properly install XP and make it work?

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    Why are you using the Dell Resource CD? Your Mac's drivers are on the first Leopard installer DVD.
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    So I would install the stuff that's on the Mac Applications disc while I'm on XP?
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    Mac OS X Disc 1 under Windows is going to autorun the installer for the BootCamp driver set and control panel.
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    Yeah, I put the disc in. It said it needed a Windows Installer Update (something like that), I clicked 'okay', and then it said 'UPDATE' missing and closed. I tried this a few times and no luck. Any idea what the problem may be?
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    I'm not sure, bit I think it may be that you are not using a retail version of XP. Are you using a Dell OEM version? That version may be specific to the PC that it came with. I'm just guessing though; maybe someone with more experience with Windows on a Mac will have better information.
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    You need to buy a retail copy of Windows.
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    I have windows installed on my iMac and i used the dell oem disk. On my macbook i decided to install TinyXp which works great!

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