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Intel Demos Next Generation Mobile Processor

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Electronista details Intel's demo of a mobile quad-core processor at their Developer Forum in Taiwan. The mobile quad-core processor was a version of the upcoming Penryn architecture and is expected to ship in the second half of 2008.
    The processor will also be introduced alongside the new "Motevina" platform which will replace the current Santa Rosa chipset. This new chipset will boost the bus-speed to 1066MHz (up from 800MHz), provide improved integrated graphics, 800MHz DDR2 and DDR3 support. Due to the power requirements, the processor would first see use in desktops and larger laptops, but improved cooling systems will help the transition.

    Penryn represents a full class of processors from mobile to server. The first of the Penryn processors (server class) are expected to ship in November, and could be used in future Mac Pros. The first of the Penryn mobile processors are not due until January 2008 and are expected to power the next generation MacBook Pros.

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    'Larger laptops'...seems suited to the iMacs...
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    Does this mean the bus will have to run slower to account for the speed in memory?

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    quad core MacBook Pro

  5. BTW
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    That's what I was thinking. This is a good candidate for the 17" MacBook Pro and the iMacs. :)
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    It sounds crazy but seems actually treu ;-) .
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    Just let it mean new Macbooks in the next 4 weeks.
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    A Year From Now

    Not now. In a year.
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    and it will be another year or two it seems until a quad core mobile chip will achieve the same speed in bus and memory as the mac pro.

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    Quad MBPs? Not Yet

    I just don't see Apple jumping to quad-core MBPs as soon as Jan.
    I mean, from where MBPs are today to quads???
    Would that not represent the largest leap in Apple's history?
    Regardless, that's just not how they roll.
    They'll take their sweet time and milk as much out of this tech as possible.
    A small bump here, a tweak there - which is both smart business and annoying as all get out, to me.
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    T'hain Esh Kelch

    Im not sure I like a 30% increase in watt usage..
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    These quad CPUs won't be around until H2 '08.
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    bus speed ≠ memory speed.

    Memory and system bus have been decoupled for several years now.
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    Me neither, considering, as the article said, these quad-core processors won't even be available until the second half of 2008. They couldn't do it in Jan even if they wanted to. My fear is that they just don't want to -- Apple doesn't seem interested in the highest-end mobile processors even now because they're more interested in conserving battery life and maintaining a very thin enclosure. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple doesn't go for quad-core laptops until 2009, since this first generation, at least, looks like it's gonna be pretty power-hungry.

    I hope! ...but I doubt it.
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    That won't make it less delicious.
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    Maybe we can merge threads.

    I wonder what AMD is up to on the mobile front. It looks like K8 has an even longer life there.
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    And neither will Apple...
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    Excellent. Thank you.
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    Well, assuming you have 2 RAM modules each running at 800 MHz, the bus should actually be 1600 MHz to fully use the speed of the RAM. On RAM module can be read while the other one is written onto (as long as the data belongs to different processes). Either way, a faster bus or RAM is a step up.
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    Well, it has the "extreme" label on it which means: "Look at me, I'm sucking up power like crazy for a few more MHz". So the normal quad core versions should be more normal in terms of power usage. I actually love mobile CPUs for home server: can't beat those 15 Watts a Mac Mini is using. I think my internet setup is using more than that. :p I want a Mini with Leopard on it so bad. Think Apple might lower the price for those someday?
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    Goodbye battery life.
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    The quad is designed for a desktop replacement.

    Dual core processors will see better battery life under Penryn. :p
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    Batteries also increase technologically...hopefully at a better rate than the power usage will increase for these CPUs...
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    Just what I've been waiting for. By back to school season I hope...

    I want my $200 to an ipod touch.
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    yes it does.....and maybe the mac mini.

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