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Intel iBook CPU Upgradeable?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shrhaider, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Am looking to switch to mac after using PCs for years, and need some advice. Waiting on the Macbook, really excited about it. 2 things:

    first, given all the speculation that the Macbook's internals will be similar to the Mac Mini, what is the likelihood that the CPU will be socketed rather than soldered (like the MBP)?

    second, any guesses about whether the MB will support screen spanning or clamshell mode?

    EDIT: Sorry for the newbie questions. obviously I know diddly about laptop manufacturing. thanks for the info.
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    No, it'll be installed on the mobo.

    No room for it. ;)

    EDIT: I mean like.. intergrated...
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    yeah notebooks CPUs are soldered to the mobo. saves a lot of space.
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    my suggestion would be to buy the maximum amount of ram when its released, you'll probably see a performance increase... then when there is a macbook thats twice as fast a year or two from now, sell your current macbook and make 68-70% what you paid for it, and reinvest it into a new macbook (faster).
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    thanks for the info. like I said, I'm looking forward to the MacBook release, but am also thinking about getting an Intel MacMini instead. The upgradeability is a big factor to me, getting more life out of the product.
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    No one even knows the actual specification for "Intel iBook".

    so.. no one can really answer your question....

    I'm guessing that new ibook won't be user upgradable cpu wise...
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    What are you talking about? I have some insider information on the specs.

    Intel iBook/MacBook
    Colors: Red, Green, Light Blue, and, of course, White
    Power Supply: MagSafe
    Screen Size: 13.3" Widescreen with TV Tuner built-in
    Resolution: 1680x1024 ultra high definition
    Weight: 2.9 pounds
    CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Core Trio processor
    Memory: 3GB DDR3-9800 SDRAM (upgradeable to 16GB)
    Hard Drive: 1TB with 16GB Flash HD for the OS
    Optical Drive: 64x DVD-RW Quad Layer SuperDrive
    Software: Mac OS X 10.8 Mufasa with pre-releases of iLife '10 and Final Cut Studio 9 installed
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    2.9 Lbs? That's crazy, I'd die for one :D
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    Yeah...if it wasn't for the 2.9 lbs. claim, it would be believable! :rolleyes:
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    Then why not an intel iMac? It has socket CPU.
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    Name a laptop that can upgrade the CPU. Sheesh.
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    You mean Mac or PC? For PC, all most all laptops. For Mac, No!
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    I believe the MBP uses a socketed CPU. It'll be interesting to see what the new iBook has, although personally I wouldn't change the CPU due to heat issues.
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    the MBP CPU is soldered. iMac and mini are socketed.

    I wish it was socketed, though.
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    Oh, really? I would like a list of specific PC laptops with upgradeable CPUs. Model numbers would be helpful.
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    Dell, IBM, Acer.... esp. Yonah laptops
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    So you're saying you can just throw a new chip in a Dell, IBM, Acer or whatever and it'll just work.

    Right... :rolleyes:
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    My Thinkpad T41 has banias based Pentium M inside clocked at 1.6 Ghz
    But it's soketed, and I can upgrade the cpu to Dothan based 2.0 Ghz for pretty cheap.
    The north and south bridge chips inside my t41 supports Dothan.
    So basically yes. and yes to the post just above this one.

    So when Dothan based Pentium M was new, theoritically, I could put the newest CPU inside my laptop..

    just one of the examples...
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    Right, I also did it for my Dell i6000 laptop.
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    Just because the mini's CPU is upgradeable does not mean the now ibooks will be. Yea the might be based on the same specs, but its not like they are going to take mini logicboards and shove it into an ibook.
    Also as noted before sockets take up a lot of space, so why would they put one in their notebooks?. The only reason almost all PC notebooks have sockets is because the cpu's they use only come in socket form.
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    not really true...

    It all depends on the form factor.
    And believe or not, soket motherboard is cheap for both manufacturer and consumer.

    Think when you gotta change your MBP motherboard for any reason.. and changing entire motherboard including CPU or unsoldering and soldering old cpu to new motherboard costs more money to them...(and think about possible manufacturing defects... )

    That's why most PC vendors adapt soket cpu... unless they have to, (like Toshiba Liberto or one of those really tiny 'laptops'), they use soket cpu.

    I'm pretty disappointed with Apple's choice on soldered CPU. Yes the form factor of MBP is beautiful and perfact... but Id rather sacrifice additional .1 or two in. of thickness for better cooling and soket cpu.

    Anyhow, it's a great laptop..
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    We all wish. Just buy now! There will always be something new over the hill.

    Sell the new ibook a year or two from now (probably will depreciate down to 60 %) and upgrade to whatever comes out in the future. Ive been doing it for years. My ibook and 12 inch powerbook became a macbook pro overnight.
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    I probably will buy the new iBook. Still considering the MacMini. Thanks for all the info.

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