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intel mini upgrade question

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by nhcowboy1, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Someone on eBay has a mini for sale that he upgraded from a 1.5 core solo to a 2.16 core duo. Can that be done without causing other problems? I dunno - like excess heat or something?
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    Cave Man

    Lots of people have done this, and if done properly it gives you a dramatically-better computer.
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    The core solo and C2D machines are apparently identical (except for firmware).

    So Apple ships the 2.0 C2D, seems like 2.16 shouldn't break the bank.

    Several 2.33 machines are out there, but 2.33 chips are $$$.
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    not QUITE the same

    Core solo and Core Duo machines only take up to 2gig of ram.

    Core 2 Duo machines take 3 and change.

    This is a function of the boards, not of the chips. So, even if you take a Solo and put in a Core 2 Duo chip, it will only take 2 gigs of ram, tops.
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    I'd be very careful buying this from ebay.
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    What chips on the motherboard changed?

    Several people have reported that the boards looked identical to them. Either they missed something, they are wrong, or it is just the firmware.

    You are correct that machines that shipped with a C2D processor can see 4GB (3GB usable) and machines that shipped with a CD can only see 2GB (and I hear won't boot with any 2GB DIMMs installed). But my, not thoroughly investigated, theory is the motherboards are physically identical.
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    Yes, indeed. I find it very curious when someone first upgrades his mini, and then sells it. Something might've gone wrong during the upgrade, and the seller might want to get rid of it because of that.

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    Or he has just realized, that swapping the CPU doesn't accelerate graphics subsystem enough to run Colin McRae Rally... :rolleyes:
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    It's my understanding that nothing has physically changed, but the original Core Solo firmware only recognizes 2G.

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