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Interested in learning Obj-C/Xcode what are some good resources?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by hugodrax, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Really want to learn how to program the Mac, nice of them to include then entire SDK.

    What are some good books and sites for someone with no experience in X-code and Objective-C
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    hello hugodrax im new in here,
    frankly Im currently using lynda.com for studying objective c programming as well as I got from a friend of mine a book called iPhone Programming by Oreilly (highly recommend!) you can purchase it via amazon.com honestly so far Im doing just great.
    wish you all the best,
    Oneill !
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    Best resource for learning Objective C

    The best book for learning Objective C is the Cocoa programming book by Hillegass, now in its 4th edition. It introduces you to Cocoa (the application framework), Objective C (the language) and Xcode (the programming environment. He also has an iOS version of the book.

    The cocoa version is:

    The iOS version is:

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    Do you program in any other language? (as in, do you have any programming experience to build from?)

    TStanding's recommendation of the Hillegass books is a good one.

    Also, consider going on iTunes U to search for the Stanford iphone dev class lectures.

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