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Interesting Sketchbooks

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Moshiiii, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I recently picked up the book The Creative License by Danny Gregory and the book instructs you to cary around a sketchbook. As of now I have a normal strathmore sketchbook, BORING! I like my things interesting. Does anyone know of a company that makes sketchbook with a unique feel and good design on the cover? I know making one is a possibilty but I have alot on my plate atm.

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    I've always wanted a simple moleskine sketch book

  3. Guest


    what makes a sketchbook interesting is what you put in it, not what is on it when you buy it.
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    Well said. Just go for quality - you want it to last for many years.
  5. Lau

    I'd go and have a nose around and have a look and feel of the paper – that's the important bit. See what fits the way you draw.

    I use really cheap ones from Muji — they're small, softbacked, and have really smooth creamy paper. However, I may have changed my mind in six months. :D It's all about what fits what you're doing at the moment. Whether it costs £1 or £50, whatever works for you.
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    I need something to make up for the stick figures :D
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    hahaha :)

    i actually took a class that dealt a lot with sketchbooks and artist's books; one of the things that worked for me in addition to having a decent pen (i used to use a Lamy fountain pen but now my pen of choice is a cheap Zebra z-301 gel pen) was to carry around a small gluestick; sketchbooks do not necessarily need to be pen+ink sketches, they can be collagey sketches too.
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    My wife bought me a great Giulio Giannini & Figlio (Firenze) sketchbook while we were in Paris. I've put it to use pasting in bits & pieces I find interesting. I just started scanning it:

    My Collage Book
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    I use Muji ones too, though I don't use them as sketch books as such, more ideas books... ;) :D
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    Wow, I love your style!

    I do a couple of things for sketchbooks:
    • Carry around paper and then bind them together
    This means you can use different papers/textures and bind items that you find interesting straight in, like flyers or newspaper articles. This means that you don't have to carry that much around (only a pen if you want) and then you could also use things you find to draw/sketch on. Then whole punch all your sheets, and then finally bind it however you like, I've got these really interesting, metal screw things, or something simple like string looks really good.

    • Use a old/second hand book
    This really gets you into using space and text in your designs, and you can come out with some really good pages using this method.

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    Thanks, I've just started to get into doing collages. I really need to get back into pasting things in but haven't had the time lately. Maybe this winter during hibernation season.
  12. 7on
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    I took a class on book binding:p
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    I ordered a Moleskine online. I promised myself I'd fill up my old sketchbook before the Moleskine arrived.
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    I had purchased a really nice ,roughly 11x17 sketchbook, when I was in Italy a couple years ago (what is that, A4 or some such?). It had 2 months of sketches from all over Italy. It was then later stolen from someone at my college, not even a couple weeks after I got back! Luckily I had scanned MOST of the drawigns already. Most, not all. :( Good thing I scanned all the detailed drawings though- the ones that took me multiple hours to do- the ones I had yet to scan were roiugh quick sketches. I miss that sketchbook. I have yet to see one half as good as that thing.
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    Aww, £7.95 for shipping to the States. Hmph. Plus, while £1.95 doesn't seem that pricey, the stupid dollar is so darned weak. :eek:

    But those do look so nice!
  16. Guest


    Good choice. I love Moleskine notebooks in all their many varieties. They are an absolute joy to use - just like Apple products. I hope you have fun with yours.
  17. Lau

    Is this link any good for you? It redirects to the UK for me, but maybe redirects to the US for you?


    I'd happily send you some stuff over, but I foolishly moved miles away from a store. :( I'll let you know if I do an online order at any point. :)
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    Yup. Same over here. Sigh.
    That'd be awesome! :D Weird, I'm having major déjà vu right now. :confused: Think we've talked about Muji before.
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    Muji at MoMA
  20. Lau

    Ooh, nicely spotted, chap. :)

    Balls. I miss Muji.

    Might have to make a London trip and stock up (and have a pint with a few folk in the process). <elbows Gav in ribs> :D
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    I bet you miss a lot of things living up there Lau... civilised society for one. ;) :p
  22. Lau

    Ooh yeah, mister, you'll have to show me the bright lights when I come down. All men in bowler hats and the like, innit...;)
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    I don't know why but after reading the last couple of posts this comes to mind:

    Polish yr boots guv'na?

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    :( But they're not the same design. And they're not in the same price-range either. :p

    The ones from MoMA range from $8-10USD. Whereas the ones I saw through Lau's link... well, w/ one currency converter:

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  25. Lau

    If you don't mind, I shall save that photo, for it highly amused me. :p

    Aww, never mind. Gav can get the drinks in when I go to London, and I'll spend the proceeds on Muji stuff, and post it over. :D
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