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Interface builder: bluetooth file exchange "browse files" window

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by alho0001, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Im having trouble finding the right .nib file. I cannot find the "browse files" window anywhere. (The window that opens when you click "browse device" in the bluetooth menu) Now im pretty sure it's not inside the bluetooth file exchange application.

    Can someone PLEASE help me?!

    Thanks /Alex
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    It's in FileTransferClientWindow.nib
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    antibact1: thank you for your fast reply, but i cannot find that window. when i open FileTransferClientWindow.nib it looks like this:

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    Double click on the "Browser Window" icon. You can have multiple interface builder objects in a NIB file.
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    The only window I can edit is the "browser window"

    i want to edit the window that looks like this:

    thank you

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    Sorry, in your original post you mentioned browse files. Try checking this out for browse device. Still no NIB file that you can modify, but it should give you an idea as to how they are doing it.

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    Why are you wanting to edit this system file? You will surely end up screwing up something :).

    The safest way is to write a SIMBL plugin (do a google search) and edit the window on the fly. That is still very hackish but the edits are done in memory and only apply when the app is running.

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