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Internet connection problems

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by maelstromr, Feb 20, 2004.

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    I've been having a very annoying issue with my internet connection while surfing, downloading and playing online Halo...the connection periodically drops. On safari or IE it says that it couldn't find the server, typical message when the connection is lost. It is usually temporary and after a click or two finally loads, but when playing Halo it destroys my ability to play.

    I've reinstalled system software, no effect, I'm also having trouble with disk doctor as it won't recognize my hard drive...any thoughts on that?? (Anti virus does)

    I'm running a MDD 1.25 dualie with 768MB ram, panther 10.3.2, all updates installed. Everything is pretty much stock. It has just started running badly, I've played for quite a while seemlessly.

    Is it likely that it's a comcast cable problem? They haven't been helpful, saying it's probably a hardware/software issue. Is there something specific I need to tell them?
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    I should mention that I am connected through an airport extreme station which is connected to the cable modem. This computer is actually connected by cable, not wireless.
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    Here's what I'd do. Open the config utility for the Airport and find it's default gateway. Now open terminal and type:

    ping <IP Address>

    where <IP Address> is the default gateway of the AEBS.

    Let that run overnight, and in the morning hit CTRL-C. You will see stats on how many packets were transmitted, received, and % lost. If you have greater than 2% lost, I'd say get them out there to test the line. Even with dialup, the loss should be no more than 1%.
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    thank you, I'll try that tonight.
    I appreciate your quick attention.

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