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Internet connection

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by terlga, Jun 22, 2004.

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    I am running OS X .3 on a G4, my server is BT internet and I am using an Alcatel Speedtouch
    USB broadband modem. Occasionaly when on the internet and using Safari changing from one web page to another it will freeze, if I try Netscape or IE Explorer nothing moves, although the
    computer itself behaves normally, to solve this I have to remove the modem usb plug and re-insert it, wait for it to cinque up and then re-connect. I have zeroed all data and re-installed the
    software, also installed the latest modem drivers, but still have this problem, I think since I installed Panther. Has anyone else come across this problem? or does anyone know the cause and solution? :mad:
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    Does your modem have an ethernet port, too? If so, you might try using that instead of the USB port... Then you won't need drivers.

    Lee Tom
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    I think the standard BT "shark" broadband modems are USB only, which sucks :(
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    If so, and depending on the rental charge, it might make sense to buy your own (if BT will let you).

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