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Internet Probs with OS X

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MacAztec, Jan 25, 2002.

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    I dont know if anyone has had this problem before but...
    Since TODAY (after Apple had updated their dowloads) everything try to download in IE is an unknown format. I have tried every OS X File! I just got speed downloader and i had to send it on the ethernet in order to get! I dont know, but can anyone help me?:confused:
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    Download Problems

    I had a similar problem with IE downloading a .dmg file. Worked after I control clicked on the link to get the popup that gives you the option to "Save to Disk"
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    I just downloaded and opened up the iPod software update with not problem.

    Which OS and IE version are you guys using?? I am on X 10.1.2 with IE 5.1 and using the latest version of Stuffit Expander.
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    Download Problems

    Using all the latest software, my download problem actually occurred on Aladdins site - but I have experienced it before randomly. Not sure what causes it.

    Would that be AlphaTech the company? I've worked with a group from AlphaTech in the past :)
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    IE = bad

    Omniweb = good...

    How sad is it to have a browser "unexpectidly quit" while opening 5 java script windows at once (go to www.quake3world.com/maps, select 5 maps one after the other and IE often crashes)...

    Omniweb is a finished browser... Slow, that is true, but a full featured finished cocoa application which works seemlessly with OS 10.
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    Oh and I forgot... to answer your question...

    IE often does this annoying bug, but not always... Sometimes it gets into that mood, and others it works. But maybe if you muddle around with your Preferences > Recieving files > Download options you can get IE working again..!
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    omniweb is NOT free

    That is the main problem that I have with omniweb, you have to pay for it. Why pay, when both IE and Netscape ARE FREE??!!

    For me, I won't pay for a browser, that wasn't all that good. Certainly NOT any better then either IE or Netscape when I tried it in July right after MWNY. To me, that is like buying a nice tv and vcr (or dvd player) and having to pay to watch movies that you already own. The way I see it, you buy a nice computer (any Mac), you pay monthly for access to the internet, why pay again for a browser????

    I have been using IE in OS X since I first installed the OS. I also use IE 5.x within OS 9.2.2 at work every day, all day without any of the problems you guys are having.
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    IE 5.1 works fine on OS X

    I use exclusively Mac OS X (because its Unix and i always wanted a powerful unix system on my desktop. good bye to windoze - I hardly even use classic mode / os 9) Lets admit it - IE is the fastest and stable browser for OS X. I use Netscape as well, but its lot slower, it wont display Java applets where as IE 5.1 displays java applets.
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    I hate to say this...

    well cause I usually frown on anything M$ but IE 5.1 on OSX has worked excellent. I have Netscape 6 on here too and it is okay...I use it every now and then but prefer IE by far. Those are the only two browsers that I have. I looked at the Omni site...it looks nice...but what does it cost? If there is a cost I will stick with IE and Netscape. As far as downloading problems off of apple's site I just got iPhoto a little bit ago with IE just fine. Oh by the way...iPhoto is a great program...I already made some awesome albums and created some kick butt slide shows...well good luck and hope you get it working...
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    Still Broken

    Its still messed up. It tells me the format is unknown. I have tried deleting the prefs, and pulling the app from other computers, nothing seems to fix it. If anyone knows what to do, PLEASE email me at jcarian@mac.com!
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    Re: omniweb is NOT free

    Omniweb is about as free as it gets, sure you can pay them if you feel jealous for having such a good browser for free, but it is free
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    I just downloaded OmniWeb, and it works great. The only problem is it brings up a "bomb" every now and then and says it needs to quit. If you want to register it, get Serial Surfers off IRC. I also have the code if you want it...
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    shhhh don't tell
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    In the IE preferences, do you have any entries in the
    Receiving Files/File Helpers ?
    Is the format unknown by IE or unknown by MacOSX?
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    IE is the fastest rendering browser on MacOS and Windoze.
    However the mac version does suffer from a poor JavaScript Engine.
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    Re: PS

    I disagree, at least on windows i know that Opera renders faster than IE. Much Faster. Opera's claim of being the fastest browser on earth is very true.
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    I.E. and OmniWeb

    Well, I am now using OmniWeb. I have tried to download files and I am getting the same warning: The file is unrecognizable by the browser. OmniWeb is very cool, but it quits often. A bomb displays and it tells me it must quit. Do I have a bad version?
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    Egg on my face

    OK, thanx for that tip i will get Opera and try it out.:)

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