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Internet speed and Two ATV's

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by From A Buick 8, Nov 8, 2010.

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    From A Buick 8

    Help me make this decision.

    I currently have the 20 Mbps service from the cable company. This all comes in a package deal with a DVR and cable TV.

    Now that we have our second ATV and everyone in the family is on board i want to switch off cable TV but i need to keep their internet.

    They offer the 20 Mbps we have for about $55 a month, they also offer 10 Mbps service for about $45 a month.

    My question is what are some folks on here doing and will the 10 Mbps be enough to watch Netflix on each ATV and still be able to surf the internet on the imac.
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    I used to have a 10MB cable connection. 2 members of the house were able to watch online TV (specifically iPlayer) I could be playing xbox live, while others were on the interent. It seemed fine.
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    From A Buick 8


    That is good to hear, i hate the idea of paying $45.00 just for the broadband but seems to be the only choice where i live.
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    We got rid of cable over 15 months ago (August 2009), and are extremely happy. We have a Tivo connected to an antenna for local TV (with HD), and have used the Tivo for Netflix.

    This is a perfect solution for us. We can see live TV on ABC/NBC/CBS etc., and we're saving $100/month on the cable/satellite bill. The only thing I miss are live sporting events on ESPN, or seeing certain cable-only shows like Conan on TBS. I can always fire up justin.tv and see those if I need to, but the $100 savings is worth those small inconveniences.

    We just started with Apple TV a month ago (never had the previous version), and it makes the setup so much better. Now we now don't need our DVD player, and the Apple TV version of Netflix is so much better. We still use the Tivo for live TV, which is a must in my opinion.

    Our 3 MbPS connection works just fine for 2 Apple TVs.
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    From A Buick 8

    Also good to hear, with our local phone company i can get there DSL but we have tried that in the past and allthough the talk about speeds "up to" 5 Mbps we were usualy down around 1. If they ever improve this for my area i will switch to them.

    I am feeling better about the 10 Mbps service from the cable company.
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    10 mbps is plenty...

    I have the same setup, with any where from 10-12 mbps. I have 2 apple tv's, Imac, ps3 etc, and it works very well. I not to long ago had dsl, which was about 2.5 mbps, and I would have to say, it was not near fast enough. Some netflex movies wouldn't even play at times. Now everything is running smooth. I wanted to get rid of my direct tv, but i'm in a contract, but I really love the ATV!
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    From A Buick 8

    Ok that helps, i am making the call today.
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    You should be perfectly fine with a 10mbps connection! I have a 6mbps with at&t. I have no issues! Im using a apple tv and xbox 360 to stream netflix at the same time. as well as using my macbook and iphone 4 on wifi. So, 10mbps should be great!
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    You need about 4 to 5 mbps to stream the highest quality Netflix content and to get iTunes HD content to start almost instantly without requiring any buffering time. So if you want to stream two of them at the same time, 10mbps will be fine.
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    10 Mbps should be more than enough.

    I have a 3 Mbps :eek: connection from AT&T, which is like dial-up compared to 10 Mbps. Even with that, I can still stream a Netflix SD movie to my :apple:tv 2 with less than ten-second buffering wait and no hiccups, and still be able to do some light browsing on another computer.

    Maaaaan, am I behind the times... :)

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