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Interpreting QTAtomContainer

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Chirone, Jul 27, 2009.

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    That post is from 2005, about 2 years before Leopard was released. Since the C QuickTime API is basically obsolete (for 64-bit), there's a good chance that specific code is not working in Leopard, or the data you're working with is in a different format.

    Anyways, what are you trying to do?
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    hah, yeah, it seems like a lot of the stuff out there is old and uses deprecated things including the ol' quickdraw... heck, i'm not even sure if the atoms a yet deprecated or still in use, nothing in the docs has pointed out to me that it is so i assume it's still in use..

    anyway, to be more specific about what i'm trying to do...
    i want a button that will make an object, this object will have all the export settings for a qtmovie
    i want to get the settings in two possible ways,
    1, use the dialog to create the settings
    2, create the settings with code

    also, i want to reflect a few of those settings in the interface. so if the encoded mov is going to be 320x480 at 24 fps with a particular video codec and audio codec then it will be displayed on the interface

    what i was originally thinking (and feel free to suggest alternatives) was to open the export dialog obtain the settings from that (via the atoms) then i could determine what atoms i need to set for 2

    i've been opening the dialog with the MovieExportDoUserDialog method
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    I'm not sure if what you're doing is possible with QTKit, but I'd suggest looking into QTMovie's writeToFile:withAttributes: method and the QTMovieExportSettings key (if you want to be future proof, otherwise stick with the C APIs and 32-bit :)).
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    i will look again at those attributes then :)

    it's quite annoying that not all the old functions are up in the new stuff :p
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    hmmm, ok so it looks like the Attributes thing is the new way of QTAtoms... not sure why i didn't realise this sooner...

    is there an automated dialog that pops up when you choose the export settings still?
    i tried the old way and it didn't change the QTMovie.. or it didn't appear to, i went to see if i could change the size
    and I can't see how you determine the frame rate either, or a way to change it.
    i thought maybe i'd have to change the QTTrack, and change that frame rate, but all there is a timescale that doesn't even print.
    long timeScale = [[track attributeForKey: QTTrackTimeScaleAttribute] longValue];
    	printf("track time scale: %l\n", timeScale);
    prints no value... it prints the "tack time scale:" part, but not the value of it
    i set a break point and timeScale had the value 2997 when i mouse overed it.

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