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    You may manage more projects at same time, you just need a app on Pad to quickly initialize, easy to share and sync, and simply track your plans. The iPad application QuickPlan is what you need.

    If you need to create plans frequently, to manage multiple projects, to plan tasks for team, to initialize proposals and communicate with customers, to discuss and update plans with others, to present, report and share plan status, to catch your ideas into plan, etc.QuickPlan is to help you quickly complete the works on iPad

    QuickPlan use gestures to achieve very high plan maintenance efficiency on Gantt chart, QuickPlan can export plan as image, Microsoft Project Plan and Excel files for your communication, also QuickPlan can help you to sync content between team and more iPads via Box cloud storage. MPP xml file can be imported to QuickPlan via Box cloud storage (two level tasks been supported).

    QuickPlan 1.2 will be released at Arp 29, 2013 (US time)

    Watch the video to see how QuickPlan makes it at , and get more information from, download it at
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