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introduction and Intel Imac with Motu 828 problem..

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by djsound, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Hi there first off I'd like to introduce myself. I just bought my first Mac two days ago and so I love it. It is a Intel Imac Duo Core (2 ghz)....I am trying to setup my Firewire Motu 828 mk II with it but I am running into some problems...The first time I did it I could not reboot my computer after and had to reinstall os 10.4. Now I have got it running but I cannot seem to adjust any volumes from the Motu Mixer Console. I have a simple configuration of Firewire 'out' of the Imac into the first Firewire port and then Main outs from the 828 to my monitors...When i go to the Motu Console I adjusting any volumes does nothing...I have also changed sound output on the Imac preferences to the Motu outputs. The only thing I can think of is do I need to disable the onboard sound? Could it be conflicting? The driver i used for the Motu is MOTU_Universal_Audio.dmg. Sorry for the long post Im just a bit frustrated and do not know what to do so Id appreciate any help from someone with a Imac and Motu 828 setup. Thanks very much ..im glad I found a good Mac forum hehe =)
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    the answer to all my mac problems- the genius bar at my local apple store. youll probably get better advice there.
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    wrong. the better advice is: contact MOTU.
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    Well at elast I got a reply here thats more then i can say about any other forum Ive tried hehe......I have contacted Motu but they have not gotten back..I guess Ill just wait...thanks guys
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    motu has a decent amount of stuff in their knowledge base. dunno if you've looked through it.

    to get more help on the forums (here, there, wherever), you should provide a lot more detail about your setup and what you've tried. for example, it would help to know, since the mac is brand new, if you've gotten it up and running well independent of the 828. being unable to boot and having to reinstall the OS is a non-trivial situation, and at first glance it doesn't strike me as a driver problem for a firewire device.

    step us through what you've done and how you've tried to debug the problem. i think there are a couple DP users here; the more detail you provide, the more likely it is someone may spot something wrong.
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    well its pretty basic...and I have read through all the motu faq's

    First off the Imac works perfect. I'm thinking I must have installed the wrong drivers or something. Thier site is a bit confusing when choosing drivers for the new intel based Mac. If I just use the onboard soundcard of the Imac and run it into in 1/2 and out of the main outs of the 828 everything is still fine...It's perfect that way but when I plug in the firewire cable...it then starts trying to run audio through that cable i guess and it is like FULL blast loud!!!...even after switching to the output of sound for the Imac to Motu outputs....When I bring up the console for Motu mixer I can move the faders but it doesnt change anything the sound is just still FULL BLAST.......I will be calling them tomorrow and it might not be difficult for them to analyze...also if anyone had this same setup it might be something simple like I have to install another driver or something but to anyone without the same setup I am sure it's difficult...

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