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Intuos2 vs Cintiq

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Stolid, Mar 9, 2004.

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    I was wondering if anyone here has used the Intuos2 and/or Cintiq tools from Wacom. I'd like to get one with my next Mac purchase; but I think it will be a powerbook. I want the Cintiq but if I get that I can't use my 23" CinemaHD on the PowerBook *AND* will (I think) have trouble 'drawing on the road' which is something I'd like to be able to do. So the Intuos2 seems a better fit (and FAR more economical), but I don't think I will adapt very well to not being able to put my pen where I want it (years ago I got an el cheapo 'Pablo pad' and my number one problem was getting my hand motions to feel natural because you have to keep the pen so close to the pad to have it move without clicking, it also took significant pressure to draw which messed me up since I have a very light hand. I take it the 2nd problem won't apply on the Wacoms)

    Ideally, of course, I'd like a new 17" 'PowerTablet' with a 'modularly attached' keyboard that uses full-on Wacom technology (512 sensitivity levels and so forth) -- but that's a pipedream (but if they designed the mobo and bus traces right you could even get a processor into a 'desk module,' and get a dualie notebook when you're at the office/home ^_^)

    So can anyone tell me about their experiences with either of these products? I don't know of a place anywhere local that demos them and so all I can go on is whatever I hear 'through the grapevine'. Very frustrating. Thanks!

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    I have the 6x8 intuos2 and it's fantastic. It takes a little getting used to at first, but I really don't see why one would spend that much extra money on the Cintiq...it doesn't even have the features of the intuos (reduced stylus control as well as reduced pressure levels) and drawing on the screen doesn't really entice me that much. The intuos2 is simply an amazing product. I too am buying the 23" HD monitor and the 6x8 tablet is plenty big enough even though before I used it I swore it would be too small (the 9x12 is also a good size if you have the desk space). I tried mine out at the apple store...they had a 6x8 set up with a G5, 20" monitor, and Photoshop CS. Also, check out Wacom's website (http://www.wacom.com) and they have a form that helps determine what product you should buy (sizing).
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    Whew! I was worried I'd never get a reply on this!
    Yes; I've used the form on the site but unless I missed it it will never recommend the Cintiq. My Intuos size is 100% based on price I think; but thanks for the advice. I'm heading to Richmond this coming weekend for the LPVA convention so I'll duck my head into the Apple store there and see if they have any tablets to work on.

    ~ Stolid

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