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Invisible Shield Wrong one

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by wumbo6, Oct 2, 2007.

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    I FINALLY got my shield after a week and a half of sending unresponded emails and leaving phone messages. And when i open the package, it is the freaking wrong shield. They sent me the shield for the 5th generation video ipod. The plastic packaging says ipod touch full body shield. So is there a way to really get a hold of invisable shield and get this sorted out? Calling them would seem to be the best way, but whenever i do i always get the "our lines are busy" message. This is RIDICULOUS
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    maybe a little more detail on where you ordered, what it is you ordered etc... ( there are many invisible shields, ebay, and name branded )
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    Should have gone with BSE...
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    I ordered the full shield for the touch and they gave me a 5th gen one. I ordered from the shieldzone website. I ordered a shield for my DS last year and had such a good experience with them. What happened?
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    DON'T call the 801-263-0699 number, I got the same exact message when I tried that number.. Instead, use the 888-940-9663, that will patch you through to the Customer Care Center.

    I had the same exact problem. Talk to the 888 number instead and you'll get ahold of someone, but be expected to be on hold for a bit. I was on hold for 10 minutes before reaching someone, who was very nice btw.
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    Have the same problem, ordered the touch full shield, and recieved an item that says on the back its for a normal ipod, and on the front it says its for the touch. Unsure whether to open it and check - think I could still return it?And it sucks that im in the UK, as if it is wrong, I have to send it all the way back and wait for them to send another.
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    You're not alone man.. I just received my "full body ipod touch" invisibleshield. I bought it off the site as well. Argh this is pretty displeasing after waiting for it for so long.. Living outside the US doesnt make it easier
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    Well opened it anyway and it is actually a touch cover, so open them up and have a look, packaging must just be wrong.
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    I don't believe the company HAS an I.S. specific to the "Touch" - although it does say it on their site and on the packaging that it comes in. Mine included.

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the package is that the shield had no "cutout" for the wi-fi. I would have thought they would notch the shield so that it wouldn't cover it..

    My "guess" is that until they actually come out with a shield JUST for the Touch, they'll continue to send the closest one that matches it..

    BTW - I don't know which one the cover is for since I don't have anything else to compare it too however, I am pleased with the I.S. regardless.. It still covers my Touch and protects it well..
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    Does BSE even have a touch skin out yet???
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    Yes, only $5.99. Much better deal than ShieldZone
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    I bought one from Decalgirl.com for the touch, now I don't have to worry about the back getting scratched, when I handle it and they also send a code to download the matching wallpaper....Plenty of skins to choose from as well.

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