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IOS 2d Graphics

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by alexandre16, May 16, 2011.

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    hi people
    I will begin IOS programming, i will start to learn programming in objective c, and learning cocos 2d iphone games developmente, and i have iphone programming the big nerd ranch guide, it can be very useful, i want to make IOS 2d games and programs, but i dont know how can i make the interaction of programming with graphics, i dont know how can i make the graphics and use it for a game, i have listen that, quartz2d and opengl is to make graphics, but i never used quartz2d or opengl, how can i start to jnow about this topic?i like books and web tutorials, anyone can help me plz?
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    Apple has tons of documentation of Quartz and Core Graphics drawing. Check the developer.apple.com web site.

    I haven't yet found a really good introductory book on OpenGL ES for iOS that uses just (or even mainly) C and Objective C. You pretty much have to hunt around for various iPhone tutorials on the web for that, and put together what you need from those.

    Or use one of the non-Apple game SDKs.
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    Very thanks for the help, i like corona sdk but it is pay, and to start programming i am a free SDK but Xcode and quartz2d or opengl is dificult to make IOS 2d games, i will use cocos 2d the people talk very well about this api, but to make the graphics will not easy to me :(
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    thanks for the help, anyone more can help me plz? i really want to learn opengl (books and tutorials) to make IOS games, i need to understand the language and all the things to can start and understand the language and how it works
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    First stop for OpenGL ES is Khronos' OpenGL ES 2.0 programming guide :

    http://opengles-book.com/ Buy it. This is the best series of books on OpenGL.

    Next up is hitting NeHe (Neon Helium) http://nehe.gamedev.net. Source to iOS ports of the tutorials are found here : http://code.google.com/p/neheiphone/

    BTW, this is already waaaay too much for you. Don't ask for more, start reading what has been given to you. You have a long road ahead of you. OpenGL ain't really easy.
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    OpenGL seems like overkill if the goal is 2D.
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    Depends on your sprite count, bitmap sizes, and how hard you want to push the animation frame rate. The Open GL pipeline is the fastest way to push a lot of pixels (3D or 2D) on all current iOS devices. I've even been working on porting some simple 2D line graphs to Open GL to keep the frame rate up without hogging as many CPU cycles.
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    Thanks for all the help :)

    yes the objective is for now 2D, what you recommend to me?, i want books and tutorials on the internet
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    Cocos2D will be your thing ;) GL
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    yes i will use cocos 2d but to make the graphics i dont know what i will use :/

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