iOS 5 to Include Twitter Integration for Photos?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 31, 2011.

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    TechCrunch reports that Apple will be integrating Twitter photo sharing directly into iOS 5:
    Twitter is said to be offering their own photo-sharing service in the near future. Apple will be detailing iOS 5 during WWDC next week.

    DaringFireball's John Gruber adds some comments suggesting that Twitter integration is indeed in iOS 5 and that there is more to it than just photo integration:
    Article Link: iOS 5 to Include Twitter Integration for Photos?
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    I think that instead of baking it directly into iOS they should make an API where you can register your service with the phone, just like you can with QuickLook now, and have the photos app pull that up as an option. It could be the same exact implementation as "Open In" that you see with PDFs and other docs but make it a "Share With" button.
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    Considering a ton of people really like posting images to Twitter, having it built in would be very useful for everyone. If they do this, there should be an option to turn it off though, because the menu for photos is getting quite large.
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    It makes sense to send to Facebook, but Twitter? I don't get it
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    If you have the Twitter app installed on your BlackBerry, the "send to twitter" option becomes available right in the camera app. It is EXTREMELY convenient, so it would be great if it came to iOS.
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    I agree with this.
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    How about in addition to "Send to Twitter", why not include "Send to Facebook" or even go as far as "Send To All" and in the settings you can assign the different Social mediums to "Send it All"

    Just a thought:)
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    Rep. Weiner will find this useful.
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    Hey, his account got "hacked"
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    updated with some comments from daring fireball
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    Gruber is such a tease!

    As far as facebook integration is concerned, i can see how it might make more sense but personally I never really found a use for fb (deactivated my account last week only coz i was getting too much spam mail from them). Twitter on the other hand has me hooked.
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    DaringFireball's John Gruber adds some comments suggesting that Twitter integration is indeed in iOS 5 and that there is more to it than just photo integration:
    Gruber's comments don't imply that Twitter is a system level service in iOS 5.0.

    He seems to lay a ground for the discussion where twitter could act as a system level service. You might want to update the OP again.
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    What else could it provide? :confused:
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    Wow, iOS 5 news already? Twitter integrated to the OS sounds great!

    Just wondering, is the Siri and Voice recognition software going to be prevalent for iOS 5, or was it just a random rumor?
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    Apple needs to integrate a better photo app where we can actually organize photos, first.
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    No Tumblr support??? Booooo!! :mad:
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    I agree with that
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    Can't wait for WWDC, does anyone know if it's possible to watch it live somehow? (Without actually being there that is, obviously).
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    There are a few options:

    1. Apple will provide a live stream of the keynote like they have in recent history

    2. Someone sneaks a camera in
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    Last year Apple had a livestream online, other than that you cannot.
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    It does get talked about next week...
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    Twitter. How thrilling.
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    Actually, he's implying exactly that. This is exactly how he "reveals" things that he knows.
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    It IS possible to select for what reasons they email you. For instance you can turn off all emails from Facebook. Quite handy.

    Doing this achieves the same objective, but whilst still being tagged in the occasional nostalgic photograph. Win win.
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    Twitter widget comes standard with iOS 5 and is the first one Apple reveals?

    Is that what the "so much more" is?

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